Philly Sports Muse Podcast: Talking Trash


Trash talk is a big part of any sport. Football, arguably, more so than others.

The words are heating up around the NFC East and the target of the ire is none other than the Philadelphia Eagles. From Rob Ryan’s dismissal of the hype that has characterized the Eagles’ huge free agency signings, to Jerry Jones’ insistence that Nnamdi Asomugha really, truly wanted to be a Cowboy, delusion is playing a key role in the lashing out from other teams in the division.

Pair these facts with the meltdown that seems to be happening northbound on I-95 with executives taking to attacking their own fans on Twitter, and one thing is very clear: This is going to be an awesome 2011 season.

Check out my thoughts on the trash talk and delusion running rampant in the NFC East here.

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2 Responses to “Philly Sports Muse Podcast: Talking Trash”

  • Just listened. I must say, Rob Ryan is the one loose cannon that worries me on the Dallas sideline. I hope Jason Garrett tells him to keep his mouth shut because I like not being the controversial team for once. I’d rather people keep taking shots at the Eagles. :-)

    • I hear you, Jae. He’s talented, but I don’t how I’d feel if he were on my team’s sideline. But then again, the Eagles have a DC with no previous NFL defensive experience, so there you go. And HA! Yes–flying under the radar could be a good position for the Cowboys. This is going to be an exciting season for sure!

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