Eagles Tweet of the Week: Show Ya Love


DeSean Jackson's view from Wednesday's Bulls v. Sixers game.

Yes, yes, Philly Sports Muse is a blog about the Philadelphia Eagles. But guess what? Right now I’m going to talk about another Philly sports team. And you’re going to like it.

Have you been feeling a little…strange lately? I may be able to explain the reason. You’ve got Sixers fever.

Regardless of which sport is normally your favorite, you’ve heard the buzz about the Sixers’ amazing 16 -6 record this season. You know about the new ownership. The new attitude. The new mascot. The new spirit.

Maybe you were doubtful about the early success. Okay, fine, you kept listening as the team continued to win. And then came Wednesday night’s decisive victory over the Bulls.

This team cannot be ignored.

Some of the Eagles are definitely paying attention. DeSean Jackson was front and center at the game, tweeting pictures from his courtside seat.

After the 98-82 win over Derrick Rose and he Bulls and , Todd Herremans gave props to the team.

There is no doubt about it. You need to stand up and pay attention to this team. Many say that a superstar is needed to be a true contender in the NBA, but the Sixers are proving that basketball is a team sport that needs the consistent talent and effort of all players, not must one. Whatever the standard formula, the Sixers have found a way to get it done.

The now 16-6 76ers have a huge home game tonight as they face Bron Bron and them, i.e. the 16-6 Miami Heat. The Sixers showed on Wednesday night that their success this season is not a fluke. They’re coming for you, LeBron.

Happy Friday, and Go Sixers!

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