RGIII to the Eagles Speculation Heats Up



If Academy Awards were handed out at the NFL Scouting Combine, one thing is clear: The big winner would be Robert Griffin III.

For those intrigued about the possibility of Robert Griffin III coming to the Eagles, RG3 ran an incredible 3.38 and 4.41 on the 40 — numbers more typical of the wideouts. If you missed seeing Griffin’s speed in action, check out this video.

Griffin’s decision not to throw at the Combine did not hurt his stock one bit and, in fact, has made the fact that he and Andrew Luck (who also had a great weekend) will go one-two in the draft a foregone conclusion.

RGIII’s speed caused immediate comparisons to be drawn between himself and another quarterback in the NFL who also demonstrated incredible speed just before the draft. A certain Michael Vick (Vick’s time of 4.33 was recorded at his Pro Day).

Here are the official times for the 5 fastest QBs from the weekend:

Robert Griffin III, Baylor – 4.41 seconds
Russell Wilson, Wisconsin – 4.55
Jordan Jefferson, LSU – 4.65
Andrew Luck, Stanford – 4.67
Aaron Corp, Richmond – 4.72

Griffin stated at the start of the Combine was that his goal was to make someone other than his fiancee–the teams of the NFL–fall in love with him. It seems that that mission was accomplished.

Though the Rams are not in the market for a quarterback, their GM, Les Snead, is certainly smitten.

“Whether we pick second or 32nd, I’m going to pull for that human being,” Snead said. “He’s such a likeable guy.”

Snead also has to be in love with the amount of power St. Louis has over the many teams in need of a quarterback who will be desperate to strike a deal with the team in order to ensure that they get Griffin, widely believed to be the second pick in this year’s draft.

NFL.com’s Jeff Darlington declared RGIII the winner of the Combine this weekend, saying

“there was little question who won this weekend: That honor, without a doubt, goes to RGIII.”

RG3’s accuracy, mobility, and overall athleticism are right up the Eagles’ alley. But when everything is at stake in 2012, including Andy Reid’s job, is their room for Philadelphia to make a move on a rookie quarterback?

The Inquirer’s Phil Sheridan is beginning to wonder.

The flip side of Lurie’s continued faith in Reid is that Reid will continue to take the long view in his approach to building this team. And nothing would make more sense in the long view than acquiring an elite franchise quarterback. Remember, this is the guy who drafted Kevin Kolb when his perennially contending team could have used more immediate help.

Sheridan correctly notes that, regardless of how compelling the argument for the Eagles, there is no guarantee that they would be able to trade up to land RG3 with the intense competition for landing the #2 spot, including for our buddies down the road the Redskins.
But Sheridan still contends that trying to do so would make a lot of sense.

It has been correctly noted that the Eagles’ commitment to Michael Vick really ends after the 2012 season. The structure of that contract was one of the reasons many people believed Reid deserved to be back for at least one more season. Why change coaches and waste what could be Vick’s last, best chance?

Follow that logic through, though. Maybe there will be a Luck or a Griffin in the 2013 draft, when the Eagles might have to find their next QB. Maybe not. If the Eagles really believe Griffin is that special talent who can lead a team to a Super Bowl, this is the one and only time to get him. Reid likely would follow the blueprint he used with McNabb, so Vick would be the starter this year, anyway.

McNabb had Doug Pederson. Griffin would have Vick. That’s not so bad.

Things are just starting to get really interesting.

Other Combine Notes
  • Today at the Combine the linebackers and the defensive linemen workout, conveniently when most of us will be at work. The woes of the Eagles D in 2011 has many wondering if the Birds will look to draft a defensive player in the first round for the first time in decades.
  • Saturday featured workouts of offensive linemen and tight ends–not big areas of need for the Birds, and the tight ends in this year’s draft class are considered to be not a terribly impressive bunch. If you’re interested, a recap of the top 10 workouts of the day is here.
  • Here is an interesting graphic from PhiladelphiaEagles.com from Eagles fans of the wideout they’d most like to see the team pick up. No surprise that Justin Blackmon is the first preference, but note the strong interest in Michael Floyd and Stephen Hill:

  • Here is an good recap of Sunday at the Combine via the Eagles officials site, and another from Eagles Eye.

Who impressed you most–and least–this weekend?

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