Andy Reid: No Peyton Manning or RGIII to the Eagles


Much as he could add to the team, don't expect the Eagles to pursue Peyton Manning.

Les Bowen of the Daily News spoke extensively with Eagles head coach Andy Reid on Wednesday about some of the hottest topics in Eagles-land (read: DeSean Jackson), as well as huge topics in the NFL like Peyton Manning, the draft, and Bountygate.

First, get the notion out of your heads: Peyton Manning is not coming to Philly. It’s fun to think about, but the Eagles say that they’re not bringing him in, and for once I believe them. Said Reid:

“We’re obviously happy with Michael [Vick]. You could ask that question of probably everybody in the National Football League except the Giants, right? . . . That’s not something we’re – we’re happy with Michael.”

The hard thing about this is the fact that that there are so many offensive weapons already on the team, insert even an 80% Peyton Manning and you are it in the NFL. We have an o-line that can provide him with the protection that he–and his neck–need (Evan Mathis had best best be signed on Day 1 of free agency).
Manning is used to dealing with a less-than stellar defense. The possibility of him coming to Philadelphia could work so insanely well. But there’s that whole huge Vick contract thing and, let’s be honest : While 36 is not old most places in the universe, in the NFL it’s damned near ancient. And the Eagles don’t like old people. So put the dream to rest. Peyton Manning isn’t coming here. Moving on.

Robert Griffin III will be the future for some NFL squad. But will it be the Eagles?

In other news regarding quarterbacks with crazy amounts of interest around the league, Reid spoke about his interview with Baylor’s Robert Griffin III at the Combine. His answer? Not very titillating, with Reid saying that he tries to meet with all of the QBs

“I was impressed with him. He did a nice job in our interview. Good kid, smart.”

One question: Did he meet with Andrew Luck, then, and if so, why haven’t we heard anything about it?

Mmmhmm. I’m not buying what he’s selling. At all. But we’ll keep on truckin’.

Regarding DeSean Jackson, it seems there is a conflicting report about whether the team wants to keep him or trade him every third day. But Bowen stated that he got the distinct impression that the team wants to hang on to DeSean. Said Bowen,

It was clear from the tone of his remarks that Reid – a man who often speaks of “doing homework” before making a decision – has spoken not only to Jackson but to people around Jackson, and feels he has a solid basis to expect the best from DeSean, who will make about $9.4 million guaranteed this season, assuming he signs the tender and that no longer-term deal is forthcoming.

Lastly, one would think that Reid would have particularly interesting insights and reactions to Bountygate, especially the fact that it occurred with Saints , head coach’s Sean Payton’s awareness. But don’t forget, this is Andy Reid. He didn’t give much on the issue.

“I think I am surprised. I haven’t read all the documents, but by definition of the word ‘bounty,’ you don’t do that with other [teams’] players. That’s not where you go. That’s not how you do business . . . Players want to hit you and hit you hard, but they don’t want to come in and, like, ruin your career . . . That’s just not how guys are wired.”

The full interview is an interesting read and includes some thoughts from Reid on where the team is with regard to it’s draft strategy, the back-up quarterback situation, as well as the wide-nine. You can find it here.

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