Little Movement on the Linebacker Front by the Philadelphia Eagles So Far During Free Agency


The need for a veteran linebacker by the Eagles is so glaringly obvious, it’s hard to have any patience waiting for the team to sign one. Yes, we’ve only been in free agency for under a week, but in some respects it seems like an eternity. But the quiet on the linebacker front may prove to work in Philadelphia’s favor.

Though there seems to have been relatively little activity by the Eagles on the free agency front, the team did make a move to get a veteran LB, offering a one-year deal to former Panther Dan Connor. Not a very good one, though, per the Inquirer. That’s not too upsetting, because most Eagles fans weren’t too keen on Connor. If we’re going to do this (i.e., make a significant upgrade at the position), we need to do it right.

After the first big moves in free agency by other teams in the opening hours and days of free agency, highly touted free agents like Stephen Tulloch and Curtis Lofton  have found that the level of interest from the market is not what they anticipated.

This could work very well in Philadelphia’s favor, as early indications of the price tag being sought by Tulloch in particular is simply too high to garner any interest. Per Anwar Richardson of MLive,

Tulloch is seeking a long-term deal worth more than Cleveland’s D’Qwell Jackson’s five-year deal, which is worth $42.5 million ($19 million in guarantees and bonuses). He is seeking a contract that will pay no less than $6 million a year, with no less than 40 percent of his deal guaranteed.

36-year old London Fletcher may come with a price tag more up the Eagles alley, but Philadelphia doesn’t like older players so I don’t see that happening.

The NFL is a business, and this is demonstrated so well during free agency. Demand for linebackers is lower than expected, which means that asking prices from free agent LBs will  lessen if they want to find teams for next season. So maybe, just maybe, the demand from teams and the asking price from players will come together at a point that is reasonable for each. And it is at that point that the Eagles will swoop in (pun intended).

Philadelphia is doing the right thing by staying quiet and waiting for the market to settle a bit before making any big moves.

While it seems eerily quiet with the Eagles and the free agency front, just think back to last year, where the changes occurred at a dizzying pace and proved that throwing out everything old and familiar and bringing in everything new and exciting is not the recipe for success.

The Eagles got that message loud and clear. Philadelphia’s front office knows that it must get a linebacker in free agency because they saw what we saw continually happen to the defense last year. It’s really not an option.

They’d made important moves to hang on to veterans and create more cap room (the Herremans, Cole deals), and they got back Evan Mathis. The DeSean Jackson contract situation was resolved quickly and without further drama.

All told, I’d say it’s been a pretty productive and successful week for the Eagles. A lot of work still needs to be done, but a lot of important work was accomplished.

Let’s see what the coming week holds.

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13 Responses to “Little Movement on the Linebacker Front by the Philadelphia Eagles So Far During Free Agency”

  • -After Mathis signed, eagles have around 20 mil in cap.
    -Re-Sign OL King Dunlap- he is probaly one of the best in the league as far as a backup goes. He deffinitly could start on some teams.-Re-Sign Derek Landri- This guy was a beast last year, blowing up so many plays in the backfield.
    cap is now about 18.8 mil)

    – Trade DT Mike Patterson to Oakland for OG Bruce Campbell.
    Bruce Campbell would be a dream fit for Mudd, just like Mathis.
    -Trade Asante Samuel to Indy for 2012 3rd, 2013 5th.
    (now about 21mil in cap left.)
    -Release-TE Harbor, WR Cooper, OLB Jordan, Matthews
    -Cap 22 mil

    -FA- Sign Curtis Lofton to be the MLB- hes great against the run, just what the eagles need. Tulloch is great in the wide9 but gets overpowered because hes undersized.-
    – Sign S Laron Landry to short term deal.
    – Landry is not injury prone!!!! he never missed a hame in his entire life until 2010, he just got unlucky. Hes a monster in the run, fast, Big hitter, knows the NFC East. bring him in next to J.Jarrett.
    -Cap about 17.5
    -Sign FA LB David Hawthorne-he can play OLB, great in run defense and great in coverage. he wouldnt come with a huge price tag either.
    -Sign OG/C Mike Pollak who Mudd worked with before and is a solid backup.
    -Sign DT Pat Sims to 1 year
    Re-Sign McCoy, Maclin (next year franchise DRC if plays good this year)
    -Cap to 12 million
    -restructure DE Tapp, hes good, but not worth what hes going to make this year.
    -Restructure DE Graham, going to make 5 million this year…i dont thimk any backup DE is worth that, unless you Osi/JPP. Graham gets restructure 1.5 mil.
    Cap- 13 million

    Draft-1st-DT Brockers. 2nd- CB Boykin, DE Curry. 3rd-OLB Robinson, WR McNutt 4th-TE L.Green, C.Rainey 5th-J.Wright 6th-R.Wilson, E.Rodriguez(pass catching FB/TE which reod loves) 7th-T.Ganaway

    Qb-Vick,Kafka,Wilson Rb-McCoy, Lewis, Rainey, Ganaway FB-Rodriguez WR-Jackson, Maclin, McNutt, Avant, Wright TE-Celek,Green,Rodriguez LT-Peters,Dunlap LG-Mathis,Campbell C-Kelce, Pollak RG-Watkins RT-Herremans
    LE-Babin,Graham,Hunt RE-Cole,Tapp,Curry DT-Jenkins, Dixon, Brockers, Landri, Sims
    LOLB-Hawthorne,Rolle,Clayton MLB-Lofton,Chaney ROLB-Robinson,,Fokou
    CB-Aso,DRC,Hanson,Boykin,Hughes,Marsh FS-Jarrett,Allen SS-Landry,Coleman,Anderson
    KR-Rainey,Wright PR-Jackson,Rainey,Wright

    • too many things wrong with your plan here but the glaring one that jumps out is the Eagles have 1 – 3rd round pick ,3-6th round picks and no 7th round pick. Other than that your signing way too many OL , no way in hell they get Lofton & Hawthorne your nuts ! amongst other glaring idiot statements above

    • Wow, Joe. That is/was a lot of work. For me, the Eagles now have to re-sign Landri, get an MLB (I’m happy with Lofton or Tulloch–wonder what the asking prices of both will be when the dust settles); some depth at RB; and a safety (Landry works). In the draft, I think they’re going to be grabbing a QB in the early(ish) rounds. As for the 1st pick in the draft, I’m torn between whether I think they’ll get someone like Kuechly at LB or a DT. Definitely depends what they’re able to accomplish before then in free agency.

  • There is an old saying “Good things come to those who wait” I believe this is the situation with the LB free agents this year. It is hard for the fans to be patient right now after all the expectations of last year turning into disaster. I think if the Eagles make a few good moves we can be the team we thought they were going to be last year. As fans, what moves do you think the Eagles should make including the draft?

  • Listen I think Mattews will be better this year. My big problem is the MLB spot we need a guy who can run the “D” who can cover a TE. I would in a perfect world love to have Tulloch. There is no reason to release Cooper, I think he needs more playing time. Whoever is picked up in the draft at WR will get as much time on the field as Cooper. Jackson, Maclin & Avant are the three that are the most played guys at that position. If they get Tulloch I say go DT first round.

    • Cooper cant catch shit. McNutt has good speed for his size and is just as big. i think he could be a better option. send cooper to where ever ttebow goes.
      Tulloch cant cover a TE. Hawthorne is great in run & coverage D. but K.Clayton and Chaney are the coverage LB. i like Clayton alot.
      of they aign any MlB, go DT 1st eound

  • @Mike D
    the Eagles only have 1 3rd and thats my fault i didnt include the 2nd in the trade^^. they should trade him for J.Stewart from Panthers.
    -Signing to many OL?? Dunlap is re-signned. Pollak would not be a huge deal at all. it would almost be like he played here last season. he worked with mudd in indy and didnt do bad. solid backup and cheap. Bruce Campbell was traded for….signing to many OL?? you dont want depth? just have Dunlap play all backup OL positions.
    -restrucuring Tapp has already been talked about. Graham isnt worth 5mil.
    -M.Patterson just takes up space on the field. he gets no pressure on the QB and isnt worth his contract. Pat Sims would be a cheap replacement and fit well in wide9 i think.
    -U wanna keep A.Jordan, R.Cooper who cant catch??
    -Harbor can be replaced and matthews is terrible and wont even improve i bet.
    -Eagles should go Hawthorne at MLB. at OLB bring in Erin Henderson(cheap choice but better then any lb right now). or Jameel McClain to play OLB, whos great 2 down lb in run defense. also philly native. Maybe just go cheap all the way and sign McClain to be MLB and Henderaon to be LOLB. eagles need to put a good OLB behind babin bexause i dont think he knows that your not just supose to sack the qb to be complete

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