Eagles Head Coach Andy Reid Tells Vince Young, “It’s Not You, It’s Me” and VY Totally Buys It


This probably wound up being an interception. Photo via SB Nation.

Vince Young will not return to the Philadelphia Eagles in 2012. This reality is a surprise to no one, and it makes me happy to no end.

Young is on the job market, and he spoke with Houston radio station KILT about why things didn’t work with the Eagles and his search for a new team, among other topics.

Philadelphia’s backup in the 2011 season, Young said a conversation with head coach Andy Reid about his future with the Birds bolstered his hopes for his future in the league.

“I asked Andy, ‘could I be part of the team again?’ He was like ‘I would love for you to stay here but you’re not a backup quarterback’ so when I heard the big guy, big red, say that it showed me more confidence and more respect that he had for me when he said he wanted to see me somewhere playing. I can truly understand that and they wanted to give Mike Kafka a little more of a chance to go out and compete and backup up Mike Vick but basically he didn’t see me backing up again. He felt like I should be starting somewhere and playing so that’s just the respect he had for me and saw the hard work that I put in to get better as quarterback last year with those guys.”

Erm….does everyone else see what’s happening here? I’m pretty sure everyone sees it but Young.

Andy Reid totally, completely and successfully did the, “It’s not you, it’s me” approach with Vince Young and VY totally lapped it up. What Reid said to Young makes absolutely no sense, but if Vince has to tell himself that Andy’s words were out of respect to help him sleep at night, then so be it.

So, filled with false hope, Young hopes to find a place somewhere in the league. And not as a backup. A Super Bowl is also in there in Young’s head when described his ideal situation.

“A team that has a younger quarterback that I can definitely go in and compete for the starting job and just go in and help any way I can to make the team better. Be a team player and continue to work because there are a bunch of teams out there that are needing another quarterback to come in and be a leader for the team in order to go to the playoffs and lead them to the Super Bowl.”

Look, I completely get the fact that to succeed in anything, but particularly in professional sports, you have to aim for the stars. And there is no room for self-doubt. But reading the transcript of Young’s interview, my thoughts drifted to my favorite cheesy saying of all time: Denial ain’t just a river in Egypt. Smh.

Young was, of course, asked about his infamous Dream Team comments. And his response may be the most perplexing thing you’ll see all day.

“Everybody keeps putting it in the wrong sequence. I didn’t say ‘Dream Team’ like ‘Dream Team.’ It’s like you are dreaming, like me and you dream about eating a nice burger or something, put it in those terms and just more so the respect that I have for the players from (Dominique Rodgers) Cromartie, from Nnamdi (Asomugha), to Mike Vick and the players that we had around. I was just feeling very respectful towards those guys and that’s what I meant by that situation.”

I have no idea what he’s trying to say and in all honesty, I don’t really care. But what I can tell you is that now I’d like a burger. Those 2 pounds are being blamed on you, Mr. Young.

Some free PR advice for Vince: Back away from the Dream Team questions. You said it, it sucked, Philadelphia fans will forever hate you for it, but don’t make it worse or yourself. Find a short, canned answer to the question, as you’ll likely be getting it for the rest of your playing days, deflect, and move on. That will be $1000 next time, son.

Young was 1-2 in his 3 starts for the Eagles, and most significantly he lead the Eagles to a 17-10 win against the eventual Super Bowl winning (BOOO) New York Giants in Week 11. But then it was just a mess. In total, Young had double the amount of interceptions than touchdowns during his time in Philadelphia (4 TDs, 9 INTs).

But yet Vince Young buys the “too good to be a backup” story from Andy Reid. Whatever.

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4 Responses to “Eagles Head Coach Andy Reid Tells Vince Young, “It’s Not You, It’s Me” and VY Totally Buys It”

  • SO funny. They had a field day with this on WIP Radio. Anthony G often refers to Vince Young as a virus strain. Vince, you believe in whatever you choose to. As long as you aren’t in Philadelphia, you can do whatever it takes to motivate you, even to think Andy Reid thinks you are the “man.” SO funny.

    • VY is just…I rarely am at a loss for words, but this interview almost put me there. Until I started making fun of him, which is really the best thing to do.

  • Vince couldn’t have believed that BS “Big Red” fed him – I refuse to buy it. NO ONE is that gullible.

    • With Vince, I just..I can’t be sure. It may be what he needs to tell himself to get up in the morning.

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