Eagles Fan Turned Eagles Player: Rookie Spotlight on DE Vinny Curry


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I’m a sucker for a good story. Who isn’t? So did you hear about the one about the Jersey boy who grew up a lifelong fan of the Philadelphia Eagles, only to ultimately get drafted by his favorite team?

That’s the story of Eagles 2nd draft pick DE Vinny Curry (6’3, 266) from Marshall. How can you not love it?

Part of the wonder of the draft is the fact that with the selection of each player, we witness dreams coming true. Childhood dreams. Dreams that required literal blood, sweat, and tears. But in one moment, we all get to see how profound an experience it is when each player gets the call that they have made it to the NFL.

Most college players dream simply of making it to the NFL. That alone is a goal that doesn’t happen for the overwhelming majority of young men. So who would be so foolish–or so greedy–as to wish to play for a specific team right out of the gate? It just can’t happen.

Until it does.

Vinny Curry grew up in Neptune, New Jersey as an Eagles fan. Curry was expected to go in the first round of the draft, but that didn’t happen. And he’s not mad about it, either.

“Oh yeah, I was expecting to go in the first, but you know, things happen and God has a plan for all of us. This is where God wanted me to be at and this is where I wanted to be. Only thing that I have to do is get ready to suit up for camp and prove my case.”

Had Curry been picked in the 1st round, he wouldn’t have gone to the Eagles. Even if he had been picked by Philadelphia, he wouldn’t have been around on Saturday at his introductory press conference to be around for the arrival of one of the most beloved Eagles of all time.

That’s right, the rookie was at the NovaCare complex on the same day and the same time as Brian Dawkins had his retirement press conference. Said Curry,

“Growing up an Eagle fan and being blessed with the opportunity to see Brian Dawkins retire and give his speech here, this has got to be the best day of my life. This moment, I will never forget in my life.

“To be here … it’s just unbelievable. There’s never a dream too big.”

Curry had the opportunity to meet and speak with players he had watched and admired, including Dawkins, Donovan McNabb, Jeremiah Trotter.

And the current legends on the team, such as Mike Vick? It brought tears to Vinny’s eyes.

This is one of those cases when fiction just can’t rival real life.

Curry is such a big fan that he denied the NFL Network access to his home when they requested to film him during the draft process. Why? Because of the amount of Eagles memorabilia hanging in his room. Would have been awkward to have that in the background if he had been drafted by, say, the Cowboys (perish the thought).

So we know Curry is a cool person because he knows what it is to be an Eagles fan. But he’s more than that now. He’s an Eagles player. What does he bring to the table?

“I’m just a natural pass rusher. The first thing to my game is get off, and I just pride myself on everything I do. I really hustle to the ball.”

And the fact that he wasn’t picked in the first round? It just makes Curry want to prove himself that much more. Does he have a chip on his shoulder at all?

“Oh yeah, most definitely, most definitely, most definitely. You  know, right after that, [defensive line] coach [Jim] Washburn hand-picked me and I can promise you that I won’t let him down.”

What drew Andy Reid and the Philadelphia Eagles to drafting Curry? Reid said on Saturday that Curry

 “has one speed and that’s 100 miles per hour. That’s how he plays. Along with all of his vivacious personality, he’s quite a colorful guy and really loves to play the game.”

Philadelphiaeagles.com has a great interview with Curry after all of the excitement of his introductory press conference.

Quotes from Vinny Curry and Andy Reid via the Philadelphia Eagles

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