How popular are the Philadelphia Eagles?


The popularity of the Philadelphia Eagles locally is off the charts. But how does the team’s following compare with those of other teams in the National Football League?


ESPN’s Sports Poll of fans’ favorite teams  finds that the Eagles are the 9th most popular team in the country. But the passion commitment and of Philadelphia’s fanbase and string of playoff appearances in the past decade have secured the Eagles popularity around the country. Just imagine what a Super Bowl win could do…

The poll reveals that the NFC East is the most popular division in the league, with three of the four teams featured in the top ten of the list (I’ll let you guess which one didn’t make the top ten).

The top team in the country  is the so-called “America’s Team,”, the Dallas Cowboys, who 8.8% of  fans polled identified as their favorite team. Next came the New York Giants at number two, with 7.1% of responses. The Eagles came in at number nine at 3.9%.

Other teams ahead of the Birds include the Packers, Steelers, Patriots, Bears, Saints and 49ers. Several of the teams featured at the top of the list have enjoyed recent success in the form of Lombardi trophies.

The Washington Redskins did not make it in the top ten of the list but still were in the top half of most popular teams in the league, coming in at number thirteen (2.4% of votes).

The least popular team in the league? The Jacksonville Jaguars. Not surprising given that it is such young franchise but nonetheless, my apologies, Mr. Gabbert.

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2 Responses to “How popular are the Philadelphia Eagles?”

  • Always fun to talk about these kind of lists…especially when you see the national TV schedule and compare the two. It’s usually no accident why we see certain teams over and over again. The networks know who brings eyeballs to the tube…even if they are on a “down” cycle.

    • Exactly right. And the amount that this team is continually talked about in the offseason says a lot. They are a perennial contender, and that is reflected in their popularity.

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