Eagles Briefs: Surveying the new front office landscape


It’s been over 24 hours since word that Joe Banner was no longer president of the Philadelphia Eagles was reported. Not a soul seems to believe the Eagles PR pitch that the move that made Don Smolenski the new president is exactly what Banner wanted (more or less).

On Comcast Sportsnet’s Daily News Live on Thursday, the Inquirer’s Jeff McLane,w ho broke the story, said, “I think it’s fair to say that he was pushed out.” This is from the man the Eagles’ front office hand-picked to break the story. They tried very hard to make him think this was the case, but it doesn’t make much sense to him or anyone else.

The organization tried again to put this pitch forward at the press conference held yesterday at the Novacare. Banner, head coach Andy Reid, owner Jeffrey Lurie and Smolenski sat in a line and toed the same company line: Joe was ready for a new challenge.

After he gets back from the month-long vacation Banner is reportedly going on now. What timing.

A lot of great stuff has been written about the front office shuffle, so here is a collection of some of the most interesting reads.

Les Bowen of the Daily News wonders what the change means for the team going forward, and particularly for Andy Reid.

It will be fascinating to see what unfolds. Roseman started out as Banner’s protege, but his style is very different. Reid still doesn’t have a contract beyond 2013, but remember, it was Banner who said Reid had to win the Super Bowl to get a new deal. Neither Lurie nor Roseman has been quoted on that subject. Wonder if it’s still true?

Are the Eagles Andy Reid’s, more than ever, this morning, or are they Howie Roseman’s? Or were they Jeffrey Lurie’s, more than we realized, all along?

In typical ownerspeak, Lurie called the announcement “an executive succession plan.” Which sounds a lot better than saying, “It was time for Joe to go.”

Truth is, I believe Reid when he says he and Banner are friends. But for the first time since he was hired in 1999, Reid’s job is on the line. And survival trumps friendship.

How will Joe Banner be remembered–the man responsible for securing the Linc or the man whose callousness let players like Brian Dawkins go? The News Journal’s Geoff Mosher considers the subject.
Kevin Callahan feels that Banner had become expendable. And the proof of this is the fact that he is no longer the team’s president.

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2 Responses to “Eagles Briefs: Surveying the new front office landscape”

  • I heard Banner interviewed by Mike Missanelli on 97.5 shortly after the press conference held to formally announce the change in front office responsibilities. Banner was his usual sour self but he attempted to be civil as he completely dismissed any idea there was a power struggle and also indicated he had been openly investigating other career opportunities with Lurie going back quite some time now. I know a lot of cycles will be burned talking about what this means as far as Andy Reid’s power. IMHO it doesn’t matter because I’ve thought for ages Reid is never, ever going anywhere unless he wants to. He’ll be the Eagles’ coach for a lifetime if he so chooses as long as Lurie owns the team.

    • Yep, Lurie definitely seems committed to Reid. When the time for him to no longer be coach it will be interesting to see what happens. As for Banner….he’s gotta know that no one’s really buying his fake story (that doesn’t make much sense). I think more than anything, even if it wasn’t a “power struggle” power se, but his skillset no longer provided a unique advantage to the team.

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