Andy Reid OK with Mike Vick putting ‘Eagles’ and ‘dynasty’ in same sentence


Philadelphia Eagles head coach Andy Reid has heard the comments of quarterback Mike Vick about the possibility of the team being a dynasty. And Big Red backs his player 100%.

Reid said about Vick,

“I know this player and I know he loves challenges; he’s as competitive as anyone you’ve ever been around, and he wants to win. He is willing to do whatever it takes physically and mentally to do that. I can’t help but love that as a coach.”

At his opening press conference at Lehigh University for training camp, Reid  was asked about the difference between Vince Young’s Dream Team comment last year and Vick’s dynasty suggestion last week.

You know the two different players there. That was a new player coming into town here, it was a different situation and did it without any communication into that or know-how into that. I’m not worried about that.

As for Vick, there was no backing down from what he said. He explained his comments about the possibility of the Eagles building a dynasty last week to reporters.

That’s just me speaking in confidence, and if you ask my teammates, they’d tell you the same thing and feel the same way. As a quarterback, that’s just how you feel. I feel you’ve got to speak it into existence. You’ve got to aim and shoot for the stars, and if you miss, you’ll be amongst them.

Vick differentiated his statement from VY’s by pointing out that Young’s statement was about what the team was. Vick, instead, is saying what it can be.

We can create our own dream team. So, nothing against what Vince said. This is what we can build if we have the right mind-set. It all starts with training camp.

What do you think, Eagles fans? Even with further explanation, do you still wish that Vick hadn’t put the words “Eagles” and “dynasty” in the same sentence?

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2 Responses to “Andy Reid OK with Mike Vick putting ‘Eagles’ and ‘dynasty’ in same sentence”

  • 2 years ago at home vs the packers in a wild card game Vick had the chance to win the game and he threw the ball up for grabs (game over)instead of being composed and throwing to the right WR or TE to win the game he showed he will never win the big game.The packers went on to being Super Bowl champs but the eagles should have been the champs if they could have won that game.Vicks constant panic mode put his team in a huge whole that day and they still could have won.K Akers also forgot his job and blamed his head wasn’t into the game because of family problems.Every family has problems but we get through it by being strong and not using excuses.I’ll give Vick the most electric player I’ve witnessed on certain regular season games but come playoffs with the talent on the offense the blame can’t always be coach Reid,Vick has to finish drives that put 6 on the board and W’s in the playoff column.As a diehard packerfan I still can’t believe Vick threw up a wound duck to Riley Cooper( nothing personal dude but your the worst option on that play) to end the game when the talent at WR and TE ,RB would have given the eagle fans their long deserving run for the trophy.Thanks again Mike Vick for letting my team off the hook and start their run for Lombardi’s trophy.Eagles were the toughest opponent(steelers close 3rd) big Ben was just as bad (karma)Super sunday that magical season for my team.

  • Eli Manning with 2 rings and Vick with none makes me wanna vomit.Dude study,watch tape study watch tape,your talent compared to Gomer(golly Eli) Pyle is only because of your failure to finish by not being prepared for pressure moments and that is study watch tape study,stop with the entourage on the town look how cool I am.No rings for you and Gomer (Eli) Pyle 2 rings,makes me sick.

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