Morning Muse: The life and death of Garrett Reid


If any positive comes from tragedy, it’s the expression of the common bond of our humanity. The Phillies, the 2nd most popular team in Philadelphia who are often rumored to have a rivalry with the number one Eagles, paid tribute to Garrett Reid on the Jumbotron at Citizen’s Bank Park on Sunday.

The sadness surrounding a child preceding their parent to the grave cuts across division rivalries, with the New York Giants sending their thoughts and prayers to the Reid family.

As was the case on Sunday, the day Garrett Reid was found dead in his room at Lehigh University, the Eagles will continue to push their shared grief and go through another day of practice overseen by Marty Morhinweg and Juan Castillo.

So many stories and about the Reid  family and the outpouring of sympathy from the NFL community has come out in the past 24 hours. Here is a selection of the highlights.

We’ve all heard so much about Garrett Reid and his struggles with drug addiction and the law. But clearly that’s not all of who he was. Donnie Williams, son of running backs coach Ted, talked about his longtime friendship with Reid and what made him such a wonderful person and friend – The Inquirer

Losing a child is a fate you wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy. Unfortunately, there are two NFL coaches who know exactly what Andy Reid is going through, as they lost sons themselves. Tony Dungy and Joe Philbin speak out. – CSNPhilly

This timeline represents what most of us know about Garrett Reid–his legal troubles. –

A great piece by Rich Hoffman looking at how the Eagles are coping with the loss of a member of their family. – Daily News

The expressions of grief and condolences from Eagles players to the Reid familly. –

Players, coaches and teams throughout the NFL, regardless of if they personally knew or were close with Andy Reid, showed an outpouring of support for Reid, his family, and the Eagles organization. – and

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