Nick Foles steps up to the 2s after Mike Kafka injury


Mike Kafka

Well, whaddya know. After being the talk of Thursday night’s preseason game against the Steelers, Philadelphia Eagles rookie quarterback Nick Foles is now in the #2 QB spot.

But it’s not due to any controversy at the position. It’s because Mike Kafka’s left (non- throwing) hand was stepped on and broken during the game. Kafka is expected to be out for 2-3 weeks. While he is participating on a limited basis and taking part in some drill, he will not be able to take snaps.

Kafka’s injury means that Foles will now take snaps with the second team. It’s what many Eagles fans wanted to see following his strong showing against the Steelers–he was 6-of-10 for 144 yards and two touchdowns–and Foles’ confidence has not been rattled by he increased speed he’s seen from the promotion.

I feel really comfortable. In different drills and different things, there is a mixture of different players. I’ve been with different o-lineman. Whether it’s in the cafeteria, in the dorms, or in the meeting rooms, just getting to know the guys [is important] because when you’re in the huddle, they already know you and you’re all familiar. I feel really comfortable with all the guys.

Though we saw a poised, confident player on Thursday night, Foles knows that there are things he could have done better and will need to work on before facing the Eagles next opponent–the New England Patriots.

A couple times even on the plays that went well like the [touchdown pass to WR Mardy Gilyard], even though it might’ve been a good play, there are still little technical things that I can make better. It’s the little things that you don’t want to take for granted. You have to work on the little things in football, and hopefully it carries over to the big things.

Head coach Andy Reid was complimentary of his young quarterback but saw some room for improvement, which is all a part of the process.

He’s progressing. He did some nice things. I mentioned about keeping your eyes down the field on the one long ball to [WR Damaris] Johnson where he had to move and then make the throw. That just came very natural to him. He felt the pressure, he scooted to the right, kept his eyes downfield, knew he had the receiver and gave him a catchable ball. Again, Damaris did a good job of getting open too. That was a heck of a route.

The Eagles are known as a team that develop new quarterbacks. Nick Foles, when selected in the third round of this year’s draft, became the next new project for the team and one that’s off to a good start.

With Kafka’s injury and the resulting promotion to the 2s for Foles, as well as the solid play by veteran Trent Edwards on Thursday, watching what the Eagles do with their quarterbacks in the remainder of the preseason will be one of the most interesting and important storylines for the Birds.

Vick injury update

Mike Vick practiced on Saturday and said that the injury is minor and similar to other he has faced over the course of his career. He was seen playing with what appeared to be Play-Doh during the walk-through to help to strengthen the muscles in his thumb and lessen the swelling from the band on center Jason Kelce’s thumb.

Quotes via the Philadelphia Eagles

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