Morning Muse: Performance of the Eagles offense ‘alarming’


So many points of concerns from the Philadelphia Eagles’ ugly 17-16 win over the Cleveland Browns on Sunday that it’s hard to know where to begin. Mike Vick’s poor decision making? The beating he took in just one game (thank God for military-grade Kevlar vests…)? The pass/rush imbalance? And how happy should we really be about winning a game by one point given the fact that the game was against…Cleveland?

Much is being said so let’s check in.

A round-up of assorted facts about the game that you may or may not have notice, including the fact that Demetress Bell wasn’t even activated.- Daily News

Reuben Frank pretty much nails it. The performance of the Eagles offense was, ”
Worse than discouraging. Alarming.”  – CSNPhilly

While we were outraged at why Andy Reid kept calling for passing plays when that clearly wasn’t working for Vick, here’s an overall evaluation of his coaching during Sunday’s season opener. The plus? No issues with timeouts… – Daily News

On to something positive: DeMeco Ryans slumbers no more at middle linebacker and his performance was commended by everyone, including his teammates. – Birds 24/7

No kid glove treatment for Philadelphia from behind enemy lines. This Ohio writer opens a biting critique of both sides from yesterday’s mess with these words: “The Philadelphia Eagles as Super Bowl contenders? That’s a long way away.” But then again, can’t that always be said after Week 1? – FoxSports Ohio

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