Morning Muse: Welcome back, real refs!


The NFL and NFLRA came to terms on an eight-year agreement late on Wednesday night, meaning that “regular” officiating crews will be back on the field for tonight’s Thursday Night Football matchup. After Week 3’s shenanigans it was clear that things couldn’t get much crazier–or much worse–with the replacement officials. Thank goodness that this ridiculous chapter has ended and the deciding factor of games will return to being how the teams in it perform on the field.

Here’s a rundown of the agreement and some of the specific terms between the league and the Referees Association. –

Why the sudden deal after weeks of the NFL and Commissioner Roger Goodell showing indifference to the situation? Because when cries of foul come from as high as the President of the United States, the NFL knew it had a real PR problem on its hands. It’s always about business with the NFL and this was yet another stark remainder of that fact. –

It’s an interesting question: Did Twitter expedite the resolution between the NFL and the refs? It’s impossible to know with certainty but outraged fans and players did not hold back from expressions of anger all throughout the lockout of the officials, and on Monday Night the frustrations reached a fever pitch. As the NFL uses Twitter they problem had a little clue as to the level of disgust at the situation by millions. –

Every single player and coach in the league must be pleased to know that dealing with bad officiating does not have to be among their list of concerns heading into Week 4. Les Bowen provides some feedback on the situation from Eagles players, and it’s all perfectly summed up by Jamar Chaney:

“It’s just good that we can get the refs back to what they do best – calling games – and we can get back to what we do best, not worrying about that and just playing ball.” – Philadelphia Daily News

So, what do we think this buys the refs–one week of us not screaming at them for bad calls until all is back truly back to normal?

Welcome back, refs.

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