Brian Dawkins’ number retired in rousing halftime ceremony


Brian Dawkins entered Lincoln Financial Field out of the tunnel for the final time , of course on all fours (check out an awesome GIF). His very entrance filled the stadium with so much energy that I swear I could feel it in my living room. He wasn’t playing tonight but Brian Dawkins was back with the Philadelphia Eagles, helping his team.

NBC didn’t deem the retirement of the number 20 was important enough to cease their usual halftime nonsense. So all of Eagles nation turned to to witness the rousing ceremony.

The lights at the Linc were turned down. There was a laser show. “20” was projected onto the field with green lights. And the compilation of just a fraction of his accomplishments–can you imagine being tasked with selecting just a few?–was awe-inspiring. Could it be real? Did we really have the privilege of seeing this powerful player and leader play defense on the Eagles?

It was enough to make your hair stand on end.

Photo via @johnclarknbc10 on Twitter

With a spirited “Hallelujah,” Dawkins began his brief remarks. His final request of the fans while standing before him? To join him in singing the Eagles fight song.You’ve never seen an individual expend so much energy gesticulating for emphasis to the words, “Fight! Fight! Fight!”

As with everything does, B-Dawk gave his all into singing that song–body and mind. Just as he did each and every time he was on the field as a Philadelphia Eagle.

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