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The past week has been a reflective time for Eagles fans in the lead-up to the retiring of Brian Dawkins’ number at halftime during tonight’s game against the Giants. There have been a number of great stories about and tributes to Dawk this week, so here a few the best to read over your Sunday morning coffee.

A powerful testament to Dawkins’ character is revealed in this recollection of his interaction with an ailing Gary Papa from 6 ABC:

“Dawkins was giving Gary a pep talk, a pregame speech before a tough game. It was vintage Dawkins.”

I challenge you to read this with dry eyes. – 6 ABC

Tim McManus shares a great anecdote about the prsonal and physical strength of B-Dawk. – Birds 24/7

As we wonder what we’ll see as Dawkins receives this honor during halftime during tonight’s game, so does he. He reflected on the experience as an Eagle, in the NFL, and how he might react to the honor bestowed upon him this evening with reporters:

“I feel like I’m living somebody else’s dream,” he said. “I really do. Because I didn’t dream this. I didn’t dream playing in the league 16 years. I didn’t dream doing those things, meeting the people I’ve met, having the influence, having the name that the Lord has blessed me to have with people. I didn’t dream those as a kid. It’s a humbling feeling.”


Some notes and memories from Dawk’s career from Tommy Lawlor. – Iggles Blitz

The title of Reuben Frank’s article says it all: “All that’s left for Brian Dawkins is the HOF.” – CSNPhilly

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