Morning Muse: Eying the enemy – More off-field woes for Ndamukong Suh


As the Philadelphia Eagles prepare to face the Detroit Lions on Sunday, here’s a look at headlines about the Birds’ next opponent to provide some insight as to what may transpire at the Linc. Detroit is a team trying to avert crisis on a number of fronts, as the stories reveal.

Just as Eagles fans are concerned with how the team’s secondary will cover receiver Calvin Johnson, the Lions always wonder how Philadelphia will try to defuse one of their most potent weapons on offense. – Detroit Free Press

A lack of maturity and discipline has been cited as factors contributing to the disappointing play of the Lions this season. The team faced a litany of offseason disciplinary issues and another off-field matter has just reared it’s hand for Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh. It’s minor compared to things like last year’s stomping incident, but Suh was involved in a traffic accident on Thursday where,

He has been accused of sideswiping a car, leaving the scene of an accident and then berating the driver following an incident Thursday morning near the Lions’ practice facility.

The Lions issued a statement about the incident Thursday night.  Distraction at the end of the week for one of the Lions most important players on defense certainly can’t help. – FOX Sports Detroit

Suh has barely been a factor for the Lions defensive line this season, an enormous disappointment for the team. An anonymous NFL GM told Lions beat writer that Suh has been overhyped from the beginning and asked the question, “what has he done?”

Suh’s response won’t inspire confidence in the hearts of Lions fans:

“Personally, I believe I had an average quarter.  I had some good things.  Some not okay things, but it’s a work in progress.  It’s early in the year.  Still have a lot of time to play at a high level and stay consistent.  That’s the biggest thing I want to focus on every week.”

Down and Distance

One word frequently used to describe this Lions team thus far this season after the promise displayed by so many last year is “disappointing.” One of the biggest issues with Detroit is the fact that quarterback Matthew Stafford can’t connect with Megatron to score points–they pair don’t have a single touchdown together this season.  To put it mildly for the Lions, that’s a problem. –

This is not related to anything here but it’s the only place I’ll mention it because I just don’t care: Mike Vick has a dog. Moving on. –

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