Mike Vick on Philadelphia Eagles OT loss to Detroit Lions: ‘I don’t know what to say’


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Disgusted and numb. That’s how I feel after witnessing the Eagles let this game slip away and lose to the Lions 26-23 in overtime. And that empty feeling you have in the pit of your stomach? You get to live with that for the next two weeks.

The defense did a hell of a job containing Calvin Johnson until the 4th quarter.  Then Megatron did what he does best–be a huge offensive weapon for the Detroit. The fact that the Birds lost two starters in the second half–Nate Allen left the game with an injury and Fletcher Cox was thrown out of the game–had huge implications for the outcome of the game.

But let’s be honest: It’s not like Eagles were playing that great of a game before then.

On offense, not only did we see that Vick’s issues with fumbles were not resolved, but his interception problem decided to make a comeback as well.  For those keeping track, Vick has eight interceptions, five fumbles and has accounted for 13 of the Eagles’ 17 turnovers on the season.

There were flashes of brilliance thrown in with the moments of frustration that seem par for the course with Vick this season. But what you can’t deny about Vick is his toughness. Even though he took a beating behind this ragtag offensive line, he kept getting up and fighting. But he has got to play better when he’s standing.

Philadelphia, we have a problem.

How do the Eagles fix it? Can the problems even be fixed? We have two weeks to mull the issue. Now with a 3-3 record and facing the still undefeated Falcons after the bye, the future–at least in the short term–doesn’t look so great for the Eagles.

Mike Vick opened his postgame presser by saying, “I don’t know what to say.” We don’t either, Mike.

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