Morning Muse: Reactions to Juan Castillo’s firing as Philadelphia Eagles defensive coordinator


So, anything interesting happen with those Philadelphia Eagles lately? The reactions, opinions, and angles on the firing of defensive coordinator Juan Castillo on Tuesday and hiring of Todd Bowles into the position are endless.

The initial reaction of many was shared by Rich Hoffman: stunning and desperate. – Daily News

Reid promised to make changes to fix this team, he does, and his leadership is called into question even more. Fair or unfair? – Delaware Online

Now that Castillo is out of the picture, we find out that Jeffrey Lurie had reservations about his promotion to DC all along. Because, really, how could you not. – Daily News

Call him a scapegoat, call the firing a good move. One thing it absolutely is is a wake up call to every Eagles coach and player – CSNPhilly

As the dust from the changeup on defense settles, what changes to the defense might new DC Todd Bowles implement? – Philadelphia Eagles

Castillo was interviewed by CSNPhilly’s Derrick Gunn the day of his firing. Despite the day’s events, he still expressed dying loyalty to Reid. – CSNPhilly

With Castillo gone, the obvious question is what Andy Reid will do to address the team’s issues on offense. Reid did nothing to quiet speculation on what may or may not happen with Mike Vick with a lukewarm endorsement oddly similar to that he gave to Castillo on Monday. – Philadelphia Inquirer

Were Nnamdi Asomugha’s comments following Sunday’s loss to the Lions a factor in the decision to fire the coach? – Birds 24/7

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7 Responses to “Morning Muse: Reactions to Juan Castillo’s firing as Philadelphia Eagles defensive coordinator”

  • The firing o coach Castillo is sadly just the tip o the iceberg. On the defensive side; it is difficult to replace a coaching legend and Eagles icon, but after the passing of coach johnson, it did not seem like the BEST available replacement was ever sought after. And selecting a coach who was doing an excellent job with the offensive line, to do a yeoman’s job as defensive coordinator was doubly disastrous, to the extent that, the Eagles now have a mediocre defense with a Pro Bowl caliber secondary, and a porous offensive line for and elite quarterback!
    On the offensive side; I believe the problem, in a word, is simply DISCIPLINE ! Andy Ried being a “players” coach, has grown TOO close to his players, and because of so many personal distraction for himself and the team, the team seems to lose focus, and he the ability to discipline them when they do. I first started to notice this with Desean Jackson’s rookie year performance. Not wanting to suppress his youthful exuberance and enthusiasm, Ried permitted him to get away with things that would have previously gotten his serious attention….now we have a Desean Jackson…and others, not performing up to their full potential! ……no DISCIPLINE!!

    • Good/Bad Decision? We will wait and see. I liked JC. However, he always seemed out of his element in his weekly updates. If he was as repetitive with the players as he was with the media, I can understand a lack of confidence. Being a former NFL player and a experienced defensive coach, Bowles seems a bit more sophisticated and prepared for the position.

      Additional Comments: Running the risk of rolling your eyes at this comment, I have faithfully followed the Eagles since Roman G. and the Fire High Gang…(C.Young, H.Carmichael, D. Zimmerman/1973). I think this current OL is a sham. I would fire H. Mudd. I know a few former OL guys (Pro-Bowlers) who are not advocates of Mudds “bucket step” approach… forget the technical stuff. Vick has been hung out to dry by Mudd and company. It’s almost as if they want to see how much punishment he can take before he is carted off. You can say what you want about Vick’s poor decisions(he continues to make some. However, put any quarterback ( Aron R,even 250# Tebow) behind this group and in two to three games they would be walking into walls or hospitalized. Something has to be done to fix this OL mess…Vick won’t survive many more games and Foles (the expected quick release solution) won’t last long either!

      • Not rolling my eyes at all! Though, particularly regarding the o-line, references to past players just make you hang and/or shake your head. There’s not another QB in the league who would be alive and kicking having taken the hits Vick has. To think Foles has any kind of chance is just insanity.

        I agree with everything you’re saying. Expect, I never liked Castillo. Disliked isn’t the right word, I just thought the move to DC was crazy. Did you see the interview he gave yesterday? Breaks your heart, but he made a good point: That he knew what was at stake and the risks when he took the position.

        It’s only 6 games in but this is a team in crisis. Is Bowles a better fit for DC? Absolutely. Does he control special teams and the offense?


        • I agree that it appears that A. Reid’s days may be numbered (especially based upon J. Laurie’s recent comments…..questioning the decision to promote JC to DC). My sense is that when Reid and him talked after last season, Lauie indicated to him that if things do not change (consistent play and a serious playoff run) then it may time for a change.

          I do feel bad for JC and frankly, for Reid. Specifically, his personal loss suffered during training camp. I know he needed to get back to coaching right away. However, the loss of his son has to be devestating. The grief does not just go away. It can cloud your life and can affect your day to day decisions for awhile.

          For the Eagles sake, and for the fans, I hope things can turn for the better following this week off.

          • Agree with all you said, Paul. Reid is going through a horrific personal circumstance and the stakes at his job have never been hired. I would never want to be in his shoes.

            That said, he did make the bold move to switch Castillo over to defense and I think we all suspected that the way that that went would be telling of Reid’s future. Bowles is a decided upgrade and let’s see what he can do to help the defense tighten up. But it seems that Reid isn’t going to do anything about offense and that’s where the problems have primarily been this season. If there isn’t some drastic improvement there, it is certain that we are seeing the final days of Reid’s tenure in Philadelphia.

  • This is but another example of why Andy Reid should be fired. He has not managed.

    Any move Lurie makes this year will not be of value, and we can only hope he does not take second best in any replacements he selects.

    Get rid of Reid, Morningwhig and Vick and the whold offensive (and they truly are) line.

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