Report: Mike Vick’s job safe, Marty Mornhinweg to still call plays for Philadelphia Eagles


Mike Vick is safe as Eagles starting quarterback. For now.

Philadelphia Eagles head coach Andy Reid has not yet completed his thorough examination of his team but, after naming of Todd Bowles as the team’s defensive coordinator on Tuesday, no comparable moves are coming offense. A report from Jeff McLane of the Inquirer cites sources as saying that Mike Vick will keep his job as Philadelphia’s starting quarterback and offensive coordinator Marty Morhinweg will continue to call plays.

Well, then.

According to the report,

Reid has yet to conclude all of his evaluations during the bye week. But the additional moves that he said he would make won’t be as significant as was replacing Castillo with defensive backs coach Todd Bowles on Tuesday.

What hasn’t been ruled out as an area where there still may be change is the offensive line.
The o-line is in shambles and the Eagles brought in veteran lineman Chris Williams (6’6,  315) for a workout on Wednesday after his release from the Bears. Williams was a first-round draft pick in 2008 out of Vanderbilt. He was drafted as a left tackle but has played 20 starts out of 38 as a left guard. But two days later, Williams has not been signed by the Birds.
Keeping Vick as the starting quarterback is the right move. Regardless of the potential backup Nick Foles showed in the preseason (and he showed a helluva lot of it), that was the preseason and he is a rookie. Though there has been plenty of ugliness and sloppy play, Vick gives the Eagles and an embattled Andy Reid the best chance to win. Like it or not. And that, more than ever, is the bottom line for this coach and this team.
If there is no meaningful change on offense for the Eagles, could changes with Bobby April and special teams be coming down the pike? Something to address the woeful coverage by the unit warranted, as issues with coverage continue to be problematic despite changes to personnel.
Never a dull moment with the Eagles, eh?

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  • offense still needs a treat,,,Plaxico,,is ready and willing to be there…for the red zone and more

    • I have to say that I’m really surprised that no one has picked up Plaxico. I don’t know if he’s what the Eagles need, but he can add to any team immediately.

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