Mike Vick’s ‘significant’ concussion sets stage for Nick Foles start on Sunday


You going in to take a hit or is it my turn?

Andy Reid said on Monday that Mike Vick suffered a “pretty significant” concussion in Sunday’s loss to the Dallas Cowboys. This fact sets the stage for Nick Foles to be the Eagles’ starter against the Redskins in Week 11, which is reportedly set to occur.

Said Reid,

“I’m just telling you Michael is hurting right now. Nick is going to step in and be the quarterback until that point comes, and we’ll take it all from there. Listen, I can’t project the future. I’m just telling you what I’m telling you. Mike is the quarterback. Nick comes in, and he is a relief pitcher and does his thing.”

Yesterday I asked the question if Vick’s early exit from Sunday’s game is how things will end for the quarterback in Philadelphia.  Will that be his last time appearance on the field as a starter? After all, it’s how Vick got his own opportunity to start for the Birds in 2010, beating out Kevin Kolb for the role after Kolb suffered a concussion.

If Foles shows promise against the Skins on Sunday, how could Reid justify pulling him? He wouldn’t have to because he wouldn’t do it. And let’s say Foles does poorly and the team falls to 3-7 (UGH). The season would be a wash at that point, with Vick virtually guaranteed to be gone at the end of the year. So why not see what you have in the rookie?

Vick will focus on resting and getting better, but will the move to Foles mean any improvement for this Eagles team? A squad already in desperate need of leadership now needs to get clamor behind a new quarterback. Will that transition be the final piece to take the wheels come off of the 2012 Eagles or will Philadelphia finally make a play to stop its five- game losing streak?

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