Morning Muse: No turnaround in the cards for the Philadelphia Eagles this season


The Philadelphia Eagles sit at 3-6 and the national conversation surrounding them is a somber look at where the team is and where they can go. All seem agree that there is no “up” in the equation.

Mike Freeman tells it like it is:

The truth is, it doesn’t really matter who is the quarterback, because after the 38-23 loss to Dallas, the Eagles, at 3-6, are done. If Vick returns, they’re still done. If Nick Foles, who replaced Vick, gets the starting job, they’re definitely done. Reid is likely done as well. Many key components of this franchise are making a slow march to the unemployment line as Philadelphia is now tied with Washington for last place in the NFC East.

And more truth-telling about unfolded at the Linc on Sunday:

The embarrassing play came on first and 10 at the Philadelphia 11 early in the game. Tony Romo threw a short pass to running back Felix Jones. Jones broke one tackle. Then two. Then one more. Then one more. At about the two yard line, he broke another for good measure, and scored.

Jones broke six tackles in all.

Now, this is Felix Freaking Jones. Not Emmitt Smith. Not Tony Dorsett. Felix Jones. Just a dude. And the Philadelphia defenders bounced off him like he was Jim Brown.

Just a dude. – CBS Sports

Even the NFL’s official site is proclaiming the obvious: this team is done for the season. You can say it, I can say it, it just hurts a little more when others say it. –

If you didn’t see it yesterday, Les Bowen had a great article attempting to pinpoint when things started to go downhill for the Philadelphia Eagles, down to the specific date. Bowen declares it to be September 21, 2010, when he stated that Andy Reid had made “the most unReidlike turnaround of the Reid era” in his sudden change quarterback from Kevin Kolb to Mike Vick. – Philadelphia Daily News

For those who pay attention to power rankings, the Eagles are unsurprisingly at the bottom of the list, just one spot ahead of the Redskins. Oof. –

There seems to be so little left to say about this season that many Eagles beat writers are on to looking at what happens at the end of the season. Who will replace Reid? Maybe none of the big names being tossed around who have won Super Bowls elsewhere for a few reasons

1. Jeffrey Lurie and Howie Roseman think of themselves as bold, innovative people; they are unlikely to settle for trying to recreate what someone did somewhere else, and more important, 2. IT NEVER WORKS. How many coaches have won a Super Bowl somewhere, then gone somewhere else and won another? The answer is nobody, never, ever. Not Vince Lombardi, not Bill Parcells, not Mike Holmgren, who came closest, not Mike Shanahan.

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