Morning Muse: Evan Mathis playing center?


No shortage of Philadelphia Eagles headlines these days…

Evan Mathis was playing a different spot on the offensive line at practice on Wednesday–at center, in for Dallas Reynolds. Could this be the case for Sunday? – Birds 24/7

Jason Babin has landed…with the Jacksonville Jaguars. – ProFootballTalk

Does Babin’s departure signal the beginning of the end of the Wide 9 for the Eagles? –

In related news, Jim Washburn is said to be none too happy about Babin’s release –

Brandon Graham’s number is up –he has been promoted to a starter and will take over Babin’s position. Time to do this, BG. – CSNPhilly

How attractive will the Eagles head coaching position be to possible candidates? – Birds 24/7

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2 Responses to “Morning Muse: Evan Mathis playing center?”

  • Four things I would do if I was running the Eagles…1) Fire Andy Reid and hire an NFL-veteran, experienced head coach (Holmgren, Billick, pillage another team). 2) Re-sign/negotiate Michael Vick at a low, low cost for if nothing else QB “insurance.” 3) Hire an NFL-veteran, experienced GM (Polian, pillage another team). 4) Make that new GM prioritize the offensive line and secondary as priorities for the draft and/or free agency. It’s a start…

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