Philadelphia Eagles interview Brian Kelly and Lovie Smith; any closer to naming a head coach?


Notre Dame head coach Brian Kelly. Image via

The Philadelphia Eagles are nearing the end of their second week of the search for a new head coach, and the landscape seems more muddled now than ever before.

This week’s surprising revelation is the news that the Birds interviewed Notre Coach Brian Kelly. Is anyone else surprised at how much interest Philadelphia has demonstrated in college coaches with no previous NFL experience? Particularly those having the last name Kelly?

Could the Notre Dame coach be yet another Kelly using interest from the NFL as leverage to get something more from his current institution? The coach is currenty out of the country but is scheduled to speak to the Eagles once again after he returns. In the meantime, we will all wonder about the nature of that next meeting.

In other news, the Eagles interviewed former Chicago Bears head coach Lovie Smith on Thursday at the NovaCare. Surprisingly little is known about that meeting, even its duration, with the team only finally confirming that yes, they did indeed speak with Smith.

Smith is at the other end of the spectrum of possibilities for the Eagles. A candidate like Kelly represents someone untested and unscathed by the NFL. Fresh energy and perspective. Smith is on the other end of the scale–a proven NFL coach with a winning record. Not an easy accomplishment, but with his experience is he the breath of fresh air that Lurie seems to be seeking?

Other coaches currently on the Eagles’ radar are Indianapolis Colts offensive coordinator Bruce Arians, and Bengals OC Jay will interview with the Birds next week. As Gruden has already said he has no interest in leaving Cincinnati and is speaking with teams simply to get them off his back, don’t have any high expectations to come out of that meeting.

What twists and turns will the coming week hold in the continuing search for the next Philadelphia Eagles head coach? Could there maybe, possibly be another coach named within that period of time?

Yeah, I don’t think so either. We’ll just look on and continue to wonder as, by comparison, Andy Reid and the Kansas City Chiefs start to build their coaching staff.

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