Philadelphia Eagles release statement about lack of success landing college coaching candidates


The third college head coach that the Philadelphia Eagles have interviewed in their search for a head coach, Notre Dame’s Brian Kelly, has decided to stay with his current institution rather than make a leap at the NFL. In an effort to create a sense that the search is still very much on track, the team released a statement about this fact on Saturday evening.

“There is no question we spent a considerable amount of time and effort looking at who we thought were the best collegiate candidates for our head coaching job. We did so knowing that there was a remote chance that these coaches would leave their current posts. We understood that going into the process, but we wanted to leave no stone unturned while trying to find the best head coach for the Philadelphia Eagles. We have no regrets about the effort we made in that direction and we will continue to proceed as planned in our search.”

Are you buying it what the Eagles are trying to sell?

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5 Responses to “Philadelphia Eagles release statement about lack of success landing college coaching candidates”

  • Anthony "Little Tony" Belmonte

    Nobody wants to coach the lowly Eagles. Who would want to come to the city thats a dump? Who would want to work for such a douchebag owner? Who would want to play for the worst, nastiest, unknowledgeable whiny fans of Philly. I mean c’mon, all they do is anyway is complain, bada bing, bada bang, right?? The team stinks now, stunk before and has always stunk. Never winning the big one after all these years? Well, what makes you think we can win it now? We wont. Just look we have the Strong Giants from the greatest, most powerful city in the world, We have Americas Teams with 5, yes 5 super bowls and even the Deadskins are on the upswing with this RGIII kid. If I was one of these college coaches, I’d turn down the E-Gurls also. Nothing but a bad place to live, no jobs , corruption in city govt. and the girls

  • Howie is handling this as well as Andy managed the clock. Is it really a surprise that we can’t find a HC that wants to work with these clowns?


  • Good things come to those who are patient. Hire the most qualified candidate and allow coach to build a team. I’ve waited 32 years to see my beloved eagles win the Super Bowl. If you call yourself a eagles fan stop with the criticism and get with the program.

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