LeSean McCoy’s baby mama drama unfolds in explicit detail on Twitter


Well. LeSean McCoy certainly had an eventful night. And lucky for us, we got to all see the drama unfold real time on Twitter.

Ah, the beauty of social media.

It all started innocently enough. Shady is currently on vacation in Puerto Rico and sent a tweet out about boasting of his enjoyment. Nothing unusual there. But then, his  baby mama chose to make a correction to the spelling featured in McCoy’s tweet (screenshots courtesy of Black Sports Online:

Okay, alright. We all hate when people do that passive aggressive nonsense on Twitter. But wow–who among us could have predicted what was to come next. A torrent of pent-up aggression, frustration and disrespect unfolded by Shady’s reaction to a single tweet that ultimately featured one word: “vacation.”

“@cutonime25: @angelface0330 man don’t ever n ya life write me about nothing…. U worthless can’t do nothing right WITHOUT ME. Sad u can’t spell or read”

Don’t think that Steph, the baby mama, was going to be talked about like that publicly and not have some incredibly nasty things to say as well:

And it continued. On an on and on.

You can see all of Steph’s tweets via Black Sports Online.

Even Shady’s teammates Todd Herremans and Evan Mathis couldn’t turn away from the trainwreck that was unfolding on their Twitter feeds:

If you go to check McCoy’s @CutonDime25 Twitter account now, you will see that it is no longer there. Too bad he couldn’t have shown some restraint or stepped away from the keyboard prior to that.

What this is is a damned shame. I don’t know about you, but I didn’t need this kind of insight into LeSean’s life. But he’s the one who put all of his business out there on the streets. In a few single exchanges over social media, McCoy’s baby-faced, squeaky clean reputation was ruined. And why, exactly? Couldn’t he have relayed the same sentiments to Steph via, I don’t know, text message? I know–I can be so old-fashioned sometimes.

Perhaps McCoy he never was out to be a role model. Or my personal favorite when athlete’s are caught in the wrong on Twitter– that his account was hacked. But it will all come too late. The tweets were captured. The articles written. This information is out there for LeSean’s little son to see as soon as he can read. Or when a cruel person wishes to tell him about the apparent mess that lead to his creation before that time.

Who knows what the hell actually transpired between LeSean and Steph. Neither looks particularly great from their tweets. As for Shady, stop playing the victim. A woman looking to trap a rich athlete into having a baby with her? Well, you can criticize her for that or look in the mirror for being the fool who subjected himself to the outcome, and God knows what else, by not using protection and believing a woman who’s name he didn’t even know. Wasn’t that fact a gem, by the way?

The baby is the only one who matters here and it seems like he is unequivocally the loser with two immature parents who can’t control their feelings enough to avoid putting family business on the street.

There is just no reason this needed to happen and if LeSean McCoy is angry at anyone this day, it should be himself. He could have walked away and carried on with his vocation vacation. But no. Instead he felt it appropriate to call out the mother of his child on, well, absolutely everything for us all to see. And invited his followers to join in!

None of this changes that LeSean MccCoy is one of the brightest young talents in the NFL and one of the greatest assets on the Philadelphia Eagles. But it sure would have been nice not to know about all of the drama lurking behind that winning smile.

Deadspin has even more of the drama in case you haven’t witnessed enough–including text messages released to them.

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  • Just when I thought people couldn’t get more low-rent, vile and clownish – along comes McCoy and his babymama. Lord help us all. Bragging about not wearing protection and getting some no-name woman pregnant. This is precisely why the black family is in perile. Men not taking responsibility, not understanding that some actions have dire consequences. Making a human life is a precious thing, yet we have devolved into a society which has turned the creation of life into a sideshow. The terms “babymama” and “babydaddy” is a byproduct of buffoonery.

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