Philadelphia Eagles raise ticket prices after abysmal season


Have a miserable 4-12 season and looking for a way to get back into the good graces of your fans? Why, why not raise ticket prices! That is, at least, what you do if you’re the Philadelphia Eagles.

The team will raise ticket prices for the first time since 2009 for the 2013 season. The increase amounts to an $8 increase on average, or 9.45% increase.

Per the Eagles’ website:

Lower Level Sideline seats and Upper Level Loge seats have increased from $95 to $105.
Lower Level Endzone seats have increased from $85 to $95.
General Upper Level seats have increased from $70 to $75.

The average price for tickets for an Eagles game will now be $93, placing the team 11th in the league in terms of cost but still making the cost of a ticket to a game in Philadelphia the lowest in the NFC East.

Team President Don Smolenski explained the increase as follows in a letter to season ticket holders:

“We have made some dramatic changes this offseason, including the hiring of Coach Chip Kelly. But one thing that hasn’t changed – and Coach Kelly appreciates this – is that the passion [the fans] display and the support [the fans] provide with [their] loyalty to [the] Eagles makes this a special place to play football.

“We are also embarking on a two-year stadium improvement plan at Lincoln Financial Field focused on enhancing the game day experience.”

Translation: We’re doing it because we can and we know you’ll still come.

A little tip to Mr. Smolenski and the Eagles organization: improvements to the Linc won’t improve the game day experience if the team isn’t winning.

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3 Responses to “Philadelphia Eagles raise ticket prices after abysmal season”

  • This just reaffirms what everyone already suspects. Jeff Laurie cares about one thing and one thing only….. the money. He doesn’t seem to care if the Eagles win or not as long as the seats are full and his wallet gets bigger. This is a huge insult to the fans who have shelled out a lot of money to watch this team fall apart. Laurie should be giving us rebates, not increases !!!!

  • Matter not in the least to me them raising the ticket prices. Until they bring a ring to Philly, I won’t spend one single nickle on the Eagles. No tickets, no parking, no merchandise, no hot dogs ….PERIOD !

  • “Translation: We’re doing it because we can and we know you’ll still come.”


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