Mike Vick to stay with the Philadelphia Eagles after reaching one-year deal


Like it or not, Mike Vick will have another chance with the Philadelphia Eagles.

Monday was supposed to be a day to put the spotlight on Philadelphia Eagles head coach Chip Kelly and his coaching staff. Instead, Mike Vick stole the show.

Not literally. The quarterback was not present at the press conference. But word of his restructured contract to come to a one-year deal worth $10 million with the team domineered the day’s headlines and news cycle.

The question of Vick versus Nick Foles still remain and indeed, we will have to see if other factors at QB enter the equation. But for now, despite what many anticipated, as we head into mid-February both Vick and Foles remain on Philadelphia’s roster.

And Kelly said to get used to having both names on the roster. He expects both men to be with the Eagles come the start of the season and that it is an open competition for who starts under center.

There is an open competition.  Michael knows that.  Nick knows that.  Nick knew every step of the way what we were doing.  I wanted to make sure Nick was included in the plans, and I think both of them have outstanding qualities in terms of being quarterbacks in this league.  Both of them have started in this league.

So I also know in this league, you better have two, so I’m excited about the two of them.  They’re both going to compete.  And who the starting quarterback is to start the season off is going to be won on the practice field.

Yes, the offensive line was decimated in 2012. But Vick’s play was decidedly lackluster. Or downright awful, depending who you ask. So what convinced Kelly that the quarterback could be a good option for the team in 2013?

“I think in terms of Michael, we look at everything.  What I look at is skillset first and foremost.  What he can do, how he can throw the football, how he can beat people with his feet.  There are a lot of different factors he has.  And you have to look at the landscape for other quarterbacks.

I guess the best way I can put this is I agree there is a change of scenery going on here.  For Michael Vick, there is a change of scenery, but not a change of address.”

In reality, none of the options for the Eagles are ideal. Many assumed that Vick would go the way of Andy Reid come the close of the season. But where would that have left the team? With a quarterback in Foles who shows promise but whose ability to lead a team is still largely unknown. Dennis Dixon makes sense to give a try, as he is the only NFL quarterback with experience in Kelly’s offense. Alex Smith has got to be an intriguing option for Philadelphia and a host of other teams around the league but are the Eagles willing to pay the steep price he will surely command on the open market? And with no slam dunk options at QB in this year’s draft, what’s a head coach to do?

Despite being fed up with the team at the end of the season (and let’s be honest, who wasn’t at that point), Vick is thrilled to have a change to remain in midnight green.

I am grateful and proud to be a Philadelphia Eagle. My heart is in Philly and this community is important to me. I look forward to playing for Coach Kelly, Jeffrey Lurie and the entire Eagles organization, the city of Philadelphia and the fans. I am training hard this offseason and will be ready for Coach Kelly’s team vision and leadership. Our goal is to win.

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2 Responses to “Mike Vick to stay with the Philadelphia Eagles after reaching one-year deal”

  • For those who have not followed UO Duck Football, Coach Chip Kelly is a gambler. He is betting that, between Vick, Nick, and Dennis, he’ll come up with a Quarterback who’ll carry out his offensive plans. Now, coach Kelly is pretty good at beatting the odds and he could do that this time also. The Philadelphia players and fans are in for a wild and entertaining ride. If, Coach Kelly gets his plans on track, watch out NFL teams. He not only plays to win, but, he doesn’t show his cards. GO DUCKS and go Coach Kelly.

  • I always felt as long as Vick was willing to renegotiate and compete he would stay if the Eagles wanted him. No problem for me at all starting the season with him and Foles…maybe Dixon as well. It appears to be a big problem for some in the local media, however. I have been somewhat surprised at the hate on the move that some of the Philly radio hosts have put forth. Kelly obviously wanted to give him a shot at starting after surveying the options around the league, in the draft, etc. Not to mention…what if Chip acually pulls “an Andy Reid” and “puts Vick in position to succeed?”

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