Philadelphia Eagles add TE Zach Ertz and DT Bennie Logan in Day 2 of draft action


In Day Two of the NFL Draft, Chip Kelly and the Philadelphia Eagles did proceed as some anticipated in the second round by drafting a quarterback. Instead, in the 2nd round (35th overall pick) they drafted Stanford tight end Zach Ertz, and in the third (67th overall) added LSU defensive tackle Bennie Logan to their ranks.

Zach Ertz. Image via the Stanford Daily.

Kelly is all too familiar with Ertz (6’5, 249 lbs) and clearly had time while Oregon played Stanford in the Pac-12  to develop admiration for him. In fact, in Oregon’s single loss in the 2012 season, Ertz caught the tying touchdown pass.

In his final college season, Ertz  finished with 69 catches (the highest on the team) for 898 yards and six scores. In their prospect analysis of him, compares Ertz to Jason Witten—not too shabby at all.

Coach Kelly described why he wanted Ertz as a part of Philadelphia’s defense:

He’s just an outstanding prospect, he’s a mismatch nightmare if you get him isolated on a defensive back. He’s very difficult to cover, just because of his size, but he’s also too athletic to put linebackers on him.”

Kelly continued, providing some insight into how he might use Ertz in the coming year,

He’s [Ertz] is a very smart player, great route-runner and a guy who I think is going to give us a lot of flexibility in terms of what we can do. I’ve always been a heavy tight end guy. We don’t play with a fullback, we really use that second tight end and now, a third tight end…If you want to go big and put linebackers on the field, we believe we have pass mismatches for you. If you want to go small and put DB’s on the field, I think we have a mismatch in the run game.”

Witten’s name came up again when Ertz interviewed with the media. While Witten will now become a rival of the young tight end,  his talent has provided a model for Ertz’ style of play.

I think run blocking is something that all tight ends coming into the NFL can work on. I’m really looking forward to getting in there with coach Williams and working on that stuff and working on being a complete tight end. I think one of the tight ends I kind of replicate my game after is Jason Witten just because I think he truly is a really good run blocker as well as a pass catcher. They use him in a variety of ways and I think the Eagles will do the same with me.”

Newly drafted Eagles DT Bennie Logan.

While many thought the Birds would target a defensive back with their third-round selection (67th overall), they went with Bennie Logan from LSU( 6’2, 309), a player Kelly said the team had targeted as a second-round pick.

Once again, Kelly has some experience encountering Logan at the collegiate level, as Oregon played LSU two years ago in the Ducks’ season opener and the coach was “very aware” of where Logan was on the field.

In 2011, Logan racked up 57 stops, 6.5 for loss and three sacks and in the BCS title game loss to Alabama tnotched six tackles, 1.5 for loss and a sack . In 2012, Logan totaled 45 tackles, with 5.5 for loss, and two sacks.

Kelly is high about what Logan can bring to Philadelphia’s defense, anticipating that he will be an interior lineman.

He is a versatile player. I think he can be a three-down player.  He’s six-two, he’s 310 pounds and he’s got 34-inch arms. Add some length in there, can push a pocket from the inside…

We think he has the ability to be a three-down player. I think he’s stout against the run but I also think on third down he can be an inside pass rusher for us.”

Logan knows that the Eagles see him as a versatile player and is happy to be utilized in whatever way is best for the team.

The Eagles, when I met with them at the combine, it was like I was versatile. I could play the nose, the three-technique, the one-technique or even defensive end. That was interesting to me because I could play more than one position on the d-line…

I prefer inside, but whatever the Eagles are asking me to do, whatever new position they’re asking me to play, I’m willing to learn the position and just play. I just want to contribute to the team whatever way I can.”

What should we expect to see from the Eagles in the third and final day of the draft? They may pick up a quarterback or they may not, but Kelly says that’s not how the team approaches the process.

It’s just how the draft unfolds. I don’t think you can go in and say, ‘We need this, we need that’, I think if people do that, you get off schedule. You can’t force it.”

Reiterating his head coach’s point, GM Howie Roseman says that, while you and I (okay, well, at least me) may be sitting wondering why the team is not adding to the secondary, that is simply not an effective way to approach the draft. In fact, Roseman thinks to think of it that way is “silly.”

It’s just [asking] what’s the best way for you to make your team better and when we looked at free agency, there were some guys that we really kind of coveted and they happened to be defensive players. But we didn’t say, ‘Okay, because we’ve addressed some of this here, let’s go the other way.’ It’s really, ‘Let’s look at what we’ve got.’ I think we have two outstanding tight ends on our team right now but we thought that Zach [Ertz] could add some depth to us so that’s kind of a prime example of us taking who we really believe is the best player out there.”

So sit back and enjoy the ride as the rest of the Eagles 2013 NFL Draft plan unfolds. The remaining picks for the Birds are as follows:

Round 4 – 4 (101 overall)

Round 5 – 3 (136)

Round 7 – 4 (210)

Round 7 – 6 (212 – from the Browns)

Round 7 – 12 (218 – from the Buccaneers)

Round 7 – 33 (239 – Compensatory pick)

You can check out film of Ertz at Stanford here:


And see Logan at LSU doing his thing here:

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