DeSean Jackson on knowing the Eagles’ starting QB before training camp: ‘The team wants to know, too’


Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Mike Vick has made it clear in recent days that it would be his preference to have a starter named before the start of training camp. And though perhaps it would have been best for him to keep this thought to himself, you can’t really blame him for feeling that way. Who wouldn’t want to have certainty about their job status heading into camp?

But Chip Kelly has made it clear that that’s not how he rolls. It’s too soon for him to make those decisions and they will not be made until he is ready. Sorry, Vick. It’s good to want things.

As it turns out, Vick isn’t the only one who would like to know the starting quarterback prior to the start of training camp. Teammate DeSean Jackson spoke to the issue during an appearance on the NFL Network on Tuesday night.

Jackson was careful not to say who he thought had the advantage in the competition, noting that both Vick and Nick Foles had similar amounts of reps with the first team at OTAs and minicamp. However, the wideout said that Vick isn’t the only one who would like to head into camp with a named starting QB.

I have been hearing some things about Vick saying that he wants to know. At the same time, the team wants to know too. We need to go into training camp prepared and know who is going to be our starting quarterback. Whether it is Foles or Vick, I think they would both do a great job and we will be ready for the season.”

It’s a fair point, and again makes sense—of course things would be easier if there was a known starter at the beginning of camp. I’m sure it would be easier for Coach Kelly as well. It’s easy to speak of ideal scenarios, but that’s not what we have at the moment. The reality is that there are many unknowns for the Eagles this team, and part of the mental preparation of the game is learning to adapt to challenges.

Though it will be the overriding topic through the next several weeks leading up to training camp and throughout camp, we should settle in for the reality that, no matter how much we want it to happen early on, Kelly will name his starting quarterback when he is good and ready. And that may not be until well through the preseason.

But on the plus side, what else would we have to occupy our days until training camp if not talk of the very real quarterback competition with the Eagles?

To see the video of Jackson’s appearance on the NFL Network, where he also talked about—wait for it—Timmy Tebow, go here.

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