Morning Muse: Philadelphia Eagles weekend wrap up


We are in the dog days of summer. The summer doldrums. Whatever you want to call it, that slow, painful stretch between the end of spring workouts and the start of Philadelphia Eagles training camp. We’re getting there–25 days until the start of training camp and 27 days until the first open practice at the Linc–but it will be hard.

Eagles news these days reflects the state of where we are in the season: not much new, aside from random player shenanigans, or revisiting questions that simply can’t be answered until the season (or Chip Kelly) is ready (quarterback controversy, anyone?). But even when its slow, there is still, thankfully, Eagles news. Hurrah!

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Judging from this picture, DeSean's weekend was probably better than yours

Judging from this picture, DeSean’s weekend was probably better than yours

Sadly, news of the possible involvement of RB Bryce Brown in a dog fighting ring has emerged. 8 pitbulls in total were taken from Brown, a mom and her pups, in Wisconsin. The mother was ordered returned to Brown but the rest remain in custody as a criminal investigation continues. Brown denies the charges. – Philadelphia Inquirer

The Birds weren’t the only ones whose eyes got very wide when they saw Matt Barkley fall to the 4th round in this year’s draft. Philadelphia struck quickly to get him, while the Raiders watched the quarterback they’d been eying go to another team. They got Tyler Wilson instead. –

An interesting question and discussion was posed on Birds 24/7–who is the most indespensible Eagle currently on the team’s roster? I’ll hold while you ponder. And, of course, read- Birds 24/7

DeSean Jackson had a hell of a weekend–parties, premiers, award shows. This isn’t a link to an article but rather to his Instagram account–some of these photos have to be seen to be believed. By that, I pretty much mean this one. – Instagram

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