The Eagles’ quarterback quandry


Sunday was not Nick Foles’ day. Photo via the Philadelphia Eagles.

Whatever Nick Foles had for breakfast on Sunday, he shouldn’t plan to have ever again on a game day.

In the absence of any other explanation for his awful performance at the Linc against the Cowboys, let’s just go ahead and blame  it on the Wheaties. Foles wasn’t available following the game to discuss what went wrong—he left the game in the third quarter due to a head injury. Chip Kelly couldn’t explain it, either, but rather than laying the blame for scoring only three points in the game only at Foles, he pointed the finger at the entire offense.

The real pity of the offense’s failings was a strong showing by the defense, who held the Cowboys to just 17 points and grabbed two interceptions from Tony Romo. With a little help in the way of points on the scoreboard, the Eagles could have won this game. Or at least been in it. But that was not the way it was to be.

Foles’ numbers were as strikingly bad this week as they were good last week.  11-for-29 for 80 yards, averaging just 2.8 yards per attempt. Ouch. In fact, when Kelly was asked how the young quarterback could go from the NFC’s offensive player of the week to disaster in seven days, he didn’t have an answer. In fact, that was his actual response. “ I don’t have an answer for it.”

With Vick inactive for the game, when Foles left  it was rookie Matt Barkley’s time to make his NFL debut. It’s probably one to forget, but we all get it—he’s a rookie. The former USC quarterback made his best throws, unfortunately, to the Cowboys, finishing the day 11/20 for 129 yards and three interceptions.

Foles’ performance should put an end to the QB controversy of the past two weeks. But the Eagles face a bigger problem in determining what viable option they have if both their starter and backup fail to return to health for next Sunday’s game against the Giants.

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