Morning Muse: Eagles’ December meltdown complete with elimination from playoffs


Morning Muse MugThe Philadelphia Eagles will not be ending the 2014 season with a playoff run. That reality was cemented after the Dallas Cowboys’ 42-7 blowout victory over the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday.

The outcome is not surprising, as the Birds made their playoff odds infinitely more difficult with their loss 27-24 loss to the Redskins on Saturday. And the total December implosion of the Eagles was complete.

This Monday, just a few days before Christmas, is met with the grim reality of no NFC East title. And the insufferable gloating of Cowboys “fans,” many of whom have been dormant for years.

It’s going to be a long, long offseason.

“It’s hard to believe the Eagles managed to let their division lead and playoff berth slip in the manner of three weeks.” And yet, there it is. – CSNPhilly

“What a collapse. What an utter, complete, unmitigated collapse. There is little to say here. There is little to do but marvel at the wreckage.” – Philadelphia Daily News

Just look at the Eagles, healing relationships this holiday season. Jay Gruden and RG3 are lovey-like these days. Isn’t that special.  Gruden: “I think Robert did a great job…Overall, I thought he did an outstanding job of managing the football game.” – CBS Sports

Well. At least one person in the City of Philadelphia has faith in the Eagles secondary: Bill Davis. “Yes we do. We have enough talent. We’ve played well at times. It’s just lately we haven’t made the plays.” – Philadelphia Daily News

And speaking of the secondary–can we finally get some help for that embattled unit come draft time? “The team still has problematic holes in key positions of the roster, none more glaring than the secondary.”- PennLive

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