Morning Muse: On Tim Tebow and NFL rule changes


Happy Memorial Day! I hope you’re all enjoying your holiday weekend.

We’re in that looonng stretch of the offseason, the desert between the draft and training camp, when, at least the draw of summer distracts us slightly from how long it’s been since football season. We’ll make it. OTAs begin on May 26, so that’s something.

Because we need football news, here is a rundown of Eagles stories making headlines:

The Inquirer’s Bob Ford believes that having Tim Tebow on the roster will benefit the Birds, and points to the NFL’s rule change moving extra points from the 2-yard line to the 15-yard line as a reason: “The alteration increases the need for inventive goal-line packages.” – Inquirer 

Lane Johnson isn’t messing around. He knows the o-line needs all the help it can get these days, so he’s looking to MMA to assist with his offseason training. Says Johnson, “I want to be elite at my position in the NFL, and I felt that this would help me get there.” – Birds 24/7

What might those upcoming OTAs reveal about the state of some of the Eagles’ most closely watched positions, including cornerback and safety? – PhillyVoice 

And, in case you missed it earlier in the week, DeMarco Murray debuted his look in a Birds uniform. Yeah, that was a pretty good pickup.


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