Today, there will be Eagles football.


It’s August, which means we’re almost there. It’s almost fall. And around these parts, fall equals football.

Sure, it’s preseason. But preseason always means we’re that much closer to the real thing. The games hold little meaning, other than our first real peeks into the talent of the new members of the team. As these glimpses make or break the futures of players as well as teams, it does hold import.

Still, Kelly himself doesn’t put much weight on August’s games.

“My job is to make sure our team is ready to play against the Atlanta Falcons [on September 14].,” said Kelly.

This is the dawn of the season that will really tell us what we have in Chip Kelly. He made bold moves this offseason–no more Shady McCoy, no more Nick Foles, with the additions of Sam Bradford and Tim Tebow to the mix. None of us can pretend to know his motivations. But if we know Chip, we know there’s a plan. Time to watch it begin to unfold.

And what’s to say about Tim Tebow that hasn’t already been said. He’s said to have made significant strides, and Tebowmania will be launched anew as he and Matt Barkley are due to see the most playing time today against the Colts. Is it really, truly possible that he will be the starting QB this season? With Chip as coach, one thing is for certain: never say never.

If you blink an eye, you may miss the Eagles starters today. But what you will see is a sea of midnight green at the Linc, a site that’s been a long time coming.

Happy preseason, Eagles fans!

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  • Brandyn, I don’t think any fans or media can properly assess where this team is going in 2015 yet. Bradford and Murray are being kept in bubble wrap. Other guys getting hurt in either non-contact drills or their electrolytes are off. More talk about science than sports. It was great to see those who did play put forth the effort they did versus Indy. I happen to be a Tebow fan so I hope he sticks on the roster. The way Sanchez was getting his receivers killed…who knows? I don’t think Sam will be around for long…maybe not even start Week 1? I am worried about the secondary but I always worry about them since back in the day when we had some of the league’s very best roaming about. Ultimately, I think the “D” improves a tick from last year but the “O” drops off. Fortunately, I still think we have way more than the Giants or Redskins.

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