Philadelphia Eagles are World. Effing. Champions.




World. Effing. Champions.

The Philadelphia Eagles have done it. Super Bowl Champions. The perfect ending to an unlikely tale of this team racked by injury to so many of its leading players. But yet here we are–World Effing Champions, to harken back to Chase Utley’s words during Philadelphia’s last championship parade, for the Phillies, in 2008.

Who among his thought this would be the end to this tale after Carson Wentz went down? But Philly did what Philly does best: made the perpetual underdog status work for us throughout the playoffs. “We all we got, we all we need” was the mantra. And this squad, lead by backup QB Nick Foles, proved the power of being family in the ultimate team sport.

There are so many exceptional stories featured on this Eagles team, and all culminate to the biggest win in Philadelphia history. The Birds did the damned thing and finally got their rings.

I watched the win with my personal Bird Gang (above), only one of whom made it through the entire game. My husband and I witnessed history unfold with our babies, who will know nothing of the neurosis that comes from being a fan of a team that never won the big game. They will only know the Eagles as champions. What a world.

World. Effing. Champions. See you at the parade.


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  • Brandyn, what an amazing year! Indeed, all the injuries – not just to Wentz but all those that came before his – definitely should have pointed towards “next year” as a logical one to make a Super Bowl run. But logic took a back seat to destiny this season and here we are. Good to hear you and yours are well…and ready for a parade! E-A-G-L-E-S…C-H-A-M-P-S!!! All the best, Bruce

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