Eagles – Bears final seconds in memes


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Saint Nick has come through again. It’s a glorious Monday in Philadelphia, where Eagles fans all have weakened hearts but are exhilarated at Sunday’s 16-15 victory over the Chicago Bears.

There are so many storylines to examine and get excited about as the Birds set their sights on facing the Saints at the Superdome. But on this, the beginning of the first work week of 2019, let’s go easy on ourselves and focus on the humor that emerged from the game.

First, hats off to these Eagles fans who recreated George Washington’s crossing of the Delaware River on Lake Michigan in Chicago, while hoisting the Lombardi trophy against a green and white stripped Eagles flag:

We Eagles fans are a creative people, are we not?

Then came the memes.

The game was a defensive battle that came down to the final seconds, when Chicago had the chance to take the lead with a field goal. Doug Pederson perfectly iced the kicker, Cody Parkey, and sealed the team’s win in the final moments of the game. Because your heart didn’t stop enough times yesterday, let’s watch again.



It was the gasp heard ’round the world. Eagles and Bears fans united in disbelieve, but for very different reasons. Philly fans were in euphotic awe because Nick Foles had done it once again, taking us deeper into the playoffs. Chicago fans couldn’t speak because that was an awful way to go out.

Then came the memes. The merciless, hilarious memes.



I know. I know!




Is this what happened, Cody?




Thanks for helping us get to the playoffs and all, but that was last week. So here, have a look at what just happened. Look at it!




All of Chicago today is this crying Jordan meme over the face of a bear. Bear down.

It was a brutal loss, and I don’t think there’s a single person out there who doesn’t feel badly for Parkey. Thankfully, even after his gut-wrenching miss he kept it in perspective:

The kid will be just fine, and the City of Philadelphia could not be any better. Next stop: New Orleans!

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