Thank You for Everything, Nick Foles



How many ways can our hearts break as the 2018 season ends for the Philadelphia Eagles?

The hopes, though unlikely, of a second straight Super Bowl appearance are dashed. The desire to crush New Orleans and make up for a humiliating regular season loss is gone. And, perhaps must gut-wrenching of all, we must prepare to soon say good-bye to the man who made our Super Bowl dreams a reality.

Nick Foles’ remaining days as an Eagle are numbered. And we all know it.

Until his future is known, talk radio lines will be packed with discussions of whether the Birds should keep Wentz over Foles, or Foles over Wentz, or somehow hang on to both. The passion will flow on both sides of the arguments. In sports, we speak with our hearts most often, not our heads. That’s part of the joy of it.

It’s also the reason why we’re not in charge of anything but our Fantasy Football teams. Sorry, friends.

Regardless of how much Foles loves Philadelphia, he won’t be content to stay a backup and we shouldn’t expect that of him. He is a talented competitor and is owed the right to do just that–get out there and compete.

As much as I would love for there to be a way for the Eagles to hang on to Foles, it’s not fair to anyone. This is Carson Wentz’ team.

Foles will forever hold a huge piece of Philadelphia’s collective heart for bringing us that longed for Lombardi trophy. It will be hard to watch him leave. But, so long as he is not in the NFC East, I plan to cheer him on with whatever team is lucky enough to land him.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for everything, Mr. Foles. You are and will always be our BDN.

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