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Philadelphia Eagles players take to Twitter to celebrate Thanksgiving beat down of the Dallas Cowboys



This is what we were most thankful for on Thanksgiving Day: A total beatdown of the Dallas Cowboys by the Philadelphia Eagles. The defense was unstoppable. The offense was on fire. Tony Romo and his team were in meltdown mode. And the Eagles fought their way to #1 in the NFC East. All right in Jerry’s World. And thankfully, the revolution was televised across the land for all to see.

It just doesn’t get any better than that.

We’re all still riding the joyous feeling of victory so let it continue. Here are how Eagles celebrated their big win and shared it with fans on Twitter: Continue reading ‘Philadelphia Eagles players take to Twitter to celebrate Thanksgiving beat down of the Dallas Cowboys’

WE WANT DALLAS: Best Eagles trash talk of the week


WE WANT DALLAS. So chanted Philadelphia Eagles fans at Lincoln Financial Field as they watched their team handily dismantle the Tennessee Titans.

The scenario is perfect to frame the conditions for a showdown of epic proportions. Philadelphia. Dallas. Thanksgiving Day. Tied records. Fight for number one in the division. It’s the showdown that has Eagles fans more interested in the game then what’s on the table, and players can’t help but get caught up in the emotion as well.

You don’t like Dallas? Neither do they. Here are some of the best lines from Eagles players this week about why they hate Dallas.

Brent Celek: ”We take on a little bit of what the fans feel,. If a fans dislike a team, we dislike a team. We’re all in this thing together. I don’t like Dallas.

Josh Huff (who’s from Houston): ”I’ve always hated the Cowboys. It’s just a little Houston vs. Dallas thing. I’ve always hated the Cowboys. There was always so much history there in those Cowboys vs. Texans games in the battle of the state, to see who was better.”

Bennie Logan: “Yeah, they’re OK. I don’t really know what’s great about them.”

Nolan Carroll: ”It’s all a show at Jerry’s World.”

Sufficiently pumped? No, you’re not. Here’s a side of Bradley Cooper dissing on Dallas to push you over the edge.

If you’re traveling to get home or anywhere else for the holidays, please travel safely, Eagles fans!

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Philadelphia Eagles trounce Tennessee Titans with big win at the Linc


LeSean McCoy found his footing in the Philadelphia Eagles’ 43-24 victory over the Titans.

It started with Josh Huff returning the opening kickoff for a 107-yard touchdown for a franchise record. From the opening seconds of the game onward, the Philadelphia Eagles led the Tennessee Titans and never looked back, winning the match-up handily with a final score of 43-24. Continue reading ‘Philadelphia Eagles trounce Tennessee Titans with big win at the Linc’

Preview: Eagles seek to throttle Titans



After the beating the Philadelphia Eagles received from the Green Bay Packers last Sunday, the Titans are the sort of opponent the Birds hoped to see. It’s no secret that 2-8 Tennessee isn’t a very good team. 7-3 Philadelphia should beat them handily. They need to get another win in the books to fully shake off what happened in Green Bay, and then focus all attention on their next task: Beating the Dallas Cowboys on Thanksgiving Day. 

But there is another game to be played between now and then. Offensively, there is no comparison between the teams. The Eagles average 406.8 yards per game, fourth best in the league, while the Titans put up almost 100 yards less with 309 per game. There’s only one team in the league worse than that, and it’s the Oakland Raiders. Tennessee puts up just 16.8 points per game, as opposed to the Eagles’ 29.9 points. Continue reading ‘Preview: Eagles seek to throttle Titans’

Morning Muse: Shift in authority at the Novacare?


Morning Muse MugIt’s the day before the big game, which is five days away from the biggest game. A thorough defeat of the Tennessee Titans by the Philadelphia Eagles is what we expect to see tomorrow afternoon, which has somewhat lessened the furor surrounding the game. We all hope to see play that will forever–alright, at least temporarily–wipe out visions of the a**-whopping witnessed last week. As we experience the quiet before the dual storms of Eagles madness that will envelope us this week (Thanksgiving can’t get here fast enough!), let’s peruse some team headlines. Continue reading ‘Morning Muse: Shift in authority at the Novacare?’