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Philadelphia Eagles Tweet of the Week: Welcome to Philly, Lane Johnson


In the whirlwind that was Thursday night for new Philadelphia Eagles OT Lane Johnson, words of welcome and congratulations flooded in from everyone, including his new teammates.

As we all know by now,  OG Evan Mathis has  quite a way with words on Twitter, and he had a short but simple way of welcoming and introducing himself to his fellow offensive lineman:

So, Lane, you may not be able to keep your number now that you’re in the pros but I’m sure you’ll get over that. I’m sure some numbers that Mathis will gladly provide you with, however, are ones to Philadelphia’s finest steakhouses so that you can fulfill that order.

Now, if only Mathis’ tweet could serve as an appropriate template for a welcome email to new colleagues in less exciting environments like offices or retail… Ah well.

Happy Friday and Happy NFL Draft, Eagles fans!

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Eagles Tweet of the Week: Jason Kelce’s Family Photo


It’s time for the grand tradition of the Eagles Tweet of the Week to make a comeback on Philly Sports Muse. It just awaited that perfect tweet, which has been identified. And, thankfully, it comes with photographic accompaniment.

This one speaks for itself. Continue reading ‘Eagles Tweet of the Week: Jason Kelce’s Family Photo’

Eagles Tweet of the Week: Working on a Dream


The joys of being Super Bowl champions are seemingly neverending. The knowledge that you are the best in the game and your hard work and talent have gotten you the highly coveted Lombardi trophy. For a year your team’s named is referred to as the “World Champion Team XYZ.”  You get to bask in the privilege of having your accomplishment honored by the President of the United States of America.

Of course, we wouldn’t know anything about this as Eagles fans. And it hurts like hell.

Seeing The Team That Won’t Be Named north of us on I-95 have the opportunity to meet and joke around with President Barack Obama on Friday over their accomplishment in February was maddening.  I lept up to turn off the TV at the sight of them at the White House with their ear-to-ear grins even though the remote control was right next to me. Slamming a button on a remote just doesn’t have the same, satisfying feeling.

Yeah, Philadelphia Eagles fans have a huge chip on our shoulders until we can cross the hurdle of having OUR team getting a Super Bowl win. Hoisting up that trophy. Getting that parade down Broad Street. Being announced for a year as the World Champion Philadelphia Eagles (I’m hoping the act of visualizing en masse will help to get us to this goal sooner rather than later).

CB Brandon Hughes saw the coverage of the Team Who Shall Not Be Named and is letting it fuel his dreams. Which happens to be our dream as well.  And for that, he has the Eagles Tweet of the Week.

Keep working on that dream.

Have a great weekend, Eagles fans!

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Eagles Tweet of the Week: How’s About A Follow, Mike Vick?


Time for something that’s been on a bit of a hiatus–the Eagles Tweet of the Week. What better time to highlight tweets of Eagles players then when they have the opportunity to welcome a new member to their team?

The Twitter arms were outstretched to welcome new teammate Fletcher Cox, the  21-year old DT acquired by the Eagles in the 1st round of the 2012 draft.

Evan Mathis served up a helping of his usual Twitter wit:

Hmm. I wonder who he could be talking about?

Fellow DT Cullen Jenkins is a man of few words, but he said all that needed to be said:

DE Darryl Tapp invites the rookie to partake in some d-line bonding:

Jason Babin engaged in some hazing of young Cox by having some fun with his name. He’s gotta be used to it.  Admit it, we’ve all descended into giggles when hearing innocent comments combined with the name “Cox.” If I’m being honest, I burst out in laughter when reading Jim Washburn’s comments about Cox’s explosiveness (“He’s an exploder.”). Don’t judge me.

Back to the matter at hand…tweets. While the jokes and hospitality were great to see, a single tweet from Cox is my favorite. Because even though a team moved up to get you and you were picked in the first half of the first round of the 2012 draft, you haven’t really arrived until your team’s star quarterback follows you on Twitter.

So Vick. How about it?

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Eagles Tweet of the Week: Civic Pride Edition


It happens to all of us. You open your mailbox and receive *gasp*–a summons for jury duty.

What to do, what to do. Many rack their brains to think of some way out of it. But most of us begrudingly go, not knowing what to expect but hoping against hope that we don’t get picked.

Eagles DE Darryl Tapp received his call to perform his civic duty on Monday, and admirably did not try to avoid the situation.

Did he enjoy it? Now that’s another matter entirely.

The suggestion of showing some cop shows to get the “judicial juices” of possible jurors is a good one In fact, it’s rather brilliant. Are you listening, US court system? At least have some Judge Judy or Judge Mathis on up in the courthouse. Continue reading ‘Eagles Tweet of the Week: Civic Pride Edition’