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WE WANT DALLAS: Best Eagles trash talk of the week


WE WANT DALLAS. So chanted Philadelphia Eagles fans at Lincoln Financial Field as they watched their team handily dismantle the Tennessee Titans.

The scenario is perfect to frame the conditions for a showdown of epic proportions. Philadelphia. Dallas. Thanksgiving Day. Tied records. Fight for number one in the division. It’s the showdown that has Eagles fans more interested in the game then what’s on the table, and players can’t help but get caught up in the emotion as well.

You don’t like Dallas? Neither do they. Here are some of the best lines from Eagles players this week about why they hate Dallas.

Brent Celek: “We take on a little bit of what the fans feel,. If a fans dislike a team, we dislike a team. We’re all in this thing together. I don’t like Dallas.

Josh Huff (who’s from Houston): “I’ve always hated the Cowboys. It’s just a little Houston vs. Dallas thing. I’ve always hated the Cowboys. There was always so much history there in those Cowboys vs. Texans games in the battle of the state, to see who was better.”

Bennie Logan: “Yeah, they’re OK. I don’t really know what’s great about them.”

Nolan Carroll: “It’s all a show at Jerry’s World.”

Sufficiently pumped? No, you’re not. Here’s a side of Bradley Cooper dissing on Dallas to push you over the edge.

If you’re traveling to get home or anywhere else for the holidays, please travel safely, Eagles fans!

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Follow the 2013 Philadelphia Eagles draft class on Twitter


David King proudly wears his new Eagles green. Photo via King’s Instagram.

The 2013 Philadelphia Eagles draft class is set, and now one formality remains–following the rookies on Twitter, of course! Here are the details you need, along with a sampling of tweets from these young men s as they found out their new home in the ranks of professional football.

They are listed in alphabetical order based on their first names for no particular reason, other than that’s what I wanted to do.

Bennie Logan: @da_king_son18

Philadelphia Eagles add TE Zach Ertz and DT Bennie Logan in Day 2 of draft action


In Day Two of the NFL Draft, Chip Kelly and the Philadelphia Eagles did proceed as some anticipated in the second round by drafting a quarterback. Instead, in the 2nd round (35th overall pick) they drafted Stanford tight end Zach Ertz, and in the third (67th overall) added LSU defensive tackle Bennie Logan to their ranks.

Zach Ertz. Image via the Stanford Daily.

Kelly is all too familiar with Ertz (6’5, 249 lbs) and clearly had time while Oregon played Stanford in the Pac-12  to develop admiration for him. In fact, in Oregon’s single loss in the 2012 season, Ertz caught the tying touchdown pass.

In his final college season, Ertz  finished with 69 catches (the highest on the team) for 898 yards and six scores. In their prospect analysis of him, NFL.com compares Ertz to Jason Witten—not too shabby at all.

Coach Kelly described why he wanted Ertz as a part of Philadelphia’s defense: Continue reading ‘Philadelphia Eagles add TE Zach Ertz and DT Bennie Logan in Day 2 of draft action’