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Morning Muse: Mike Vick – Eagles need to ‘win quickly’


How many days until Eagles football begins? I know, you don’t even have to stop to think about it–it’s that time of year when we all have a running countdown in our heads. With the start of the season comes a ton of wonderful football news. So let’s get to it.

With the regular season just days away, Mike Vick is feeling the pressure. And the need for the Philadelphia Eagles to get off to a fast start to prove that it won’t be the nightmare of 2011 all over again.

Coach Reid talked to us today about staying the course, maintaining our focus, going in there week in and week out, and controlling what we can control. We can sit and talk all day until our faces turn blue, but until we go out there, we still have to make it happen.”


Donovan McNabb finally seems ready to say goodbye to his NFL career and head to the world of broadcast full-time – Birds 24/7 Continue reading ‘Morning Muse: Mike Vick – Eagles need to ‘win quickly’’

DeMeco Ryans on the preseason: ‘It’s time to start hitting someone with a different colored jersey’


DeMeco Ryans

Against the backdrop of tragedy, the Philadelphia Eagles have still found a way to maintain focus on the task at hand: playing football and preparing for Thursday night’s game against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

While many fans scoff at preseason action, it’s a critical tool for the Birds to evaluate exactly who makes it to the 53-man roster at the start of the regular season. It’s a big deal to players as well.

While we’ll only see a glimpse of the starters, it will be our first look in game action at critical additions to the team like middle linebacker DeMeco Ryans.

And Ryans couldn’t be more excited to make his debut in green. He expressed what many players must  be feeling right now. The intense training with teammates is needed, but it’s time to go against someone else. Continue reading ‘DeMeco Ryans on the preseason: ‘It’s time to start hitting someone with a different colored jersey’’

DeSean Jackson throws punches at Eagles training camp


There is a reason that football players hate training camp. The intensity, the heat, and the pressure of most knowing that they are fighting for their professional lives. It gets to most players in the NFL at one point or another, even after they’ve signed a multimillion dollar deals.

DeSean Jackson got into what was described as the “best fight of camp so far” with corner Brandon Hughes. Punches were thrown by both players, though none landed directly on the intended target.

Dave Zangaro of CSNPhilly described the scene as follows:

Jackson lined up on the left side and Hughes had tight coverage during an 11-on-11 play. The pass fell incomplete and the play should have been over. Only it wasn’t. The scuffle started with some pushing back and forth before punches were thrown. The two had to be separated.

D-JAX was described as being more heated than Hughes and had to be calmed down on the sideline by coaching intern Greg Lewis. It is then that Jackson remembered the leadership role he wants to have on the team. Oh, and his guaranteed starting position.

“I’m a starter on this team and I’m one of the leaders. Don’t want to cause anything, you know, me getting hurt. [Lewis] didn’t want anything stupid to happen and have me be out for the year. We just have to be smart with things like that. He didn’t want me getting hurt. It’s football and it’s part of the game.”

If I’m being honest, I too could be driven to violence if forced to exercise vigourously in this heat. Things happen. But I am not a professional football player who was just given millions of dollars by my team (I know, this is a shocking revelation) and who is trying to convince the world that he is more mature than the sulky player we witnessed far too many times last year. Jackson has to do more than simply proclaim that he is a leader of the team after last season’s antics if he really wants to prove that he has matured and deserving of that role.

Hughes’ comments after practice about the fight?

I’m not talking about that [expletive].

And there you have it.

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Eagles Tweet of the Week: Working on a Dream


The joys of being Super Bowl champions are seemingly neverending. The knowledge that you are the best in the game and your hard work and talent have gotten you the highly coveted Lombardi trophy. For a year your team’s named is referred to as the “World Champion Team XYZ.”  You get to bask in the privilege of having your accomplishment honored by the President of the United States of America.

Of course, we wouldn’t know anything about this as Eagles fans. And it hurts like hell.

Seeing The Team That Won’t Be Named north of us on I-95 have the opportunity to meet and joke around with President Barack Obama on Friday over their accomplishment in February was maddening.  I lept up to turn off the TV at the sight of them at the White House with their ear-to-ear grins even though the remote control was right next to me. Slamming a button on a remote just doesn’t have the same, satisfying feeling.

Yeah, Philadelphia Eagles fans have a huge chip on our shoulders until we can cross the hurdle of having OUR team getting a Super Bowl win. Hoisting up that trophy. Getting that parade down Broad Street. Being announced for a year as the World Champion Philadelphia Eagles (I’m hoping the act of visualizing en masse will help to get us to this goal sooner rather than later).

CB Brandon Hughes saw the coverage of the Team Who Shall Not Be Named and is letting it fuel his dreams. Which happens to be our dream as well.  And for that, he has the Eagles Tweet of the Week.

Keep working on that dream.

Have a great weekend, Eagles fans!

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No Practice for Mike Vick and Nnamdi Injured


Thanksgiving is just another day at the office for the Philadelphia Eagles. The healthy ones, that is. Unfortunately, we have reached the stage of the football season when, all too often, the success of teams is measured by how healthy they remain.

The Eagles are by no means in the worst situation in the league, but they are certainly hurting. Earlier in the week coach Andy Reid said that Mike Vick would be day to day. Vick hasn’t practiced on Wednesday or Thursday, meaning that he has not played in a game or practiced since Philadelphia’s loss to the Cardinals almost 2 weeks ago.

This means that signs are pointing to Vince Young being the starting quarterback against the Patriots on Sunday. He was able to eek out a win against the Giants, but can he repeat his magic against the Patriots? Given the Eagles disappointing play at home (1-7 the last 8 games at the Linc), and the 3 INTs thrown by VY last Sunday, a whole lot needs to be tightened up on offense for the Eagles to break their pattern of disappointing play at home. Continue reading ‘No Practice for Mike Vick and Nnamdi Injured’