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Morning Muse: Philadelphia Eagles weekend wrap up


We are in the dog days of summer. The summer doldrums. Whatever you want to call it, that slow, painful stretch between the end of spring workouts and the start of Philadelphia Eagles training camp. We’re getting there–25 days until the start of training camp and 27 days until the first open practice at the Linc–but it will be hard.

Eagles news these days reflects the state of where we are in the season: not much new, aside from random player shenanigans, or revisiting questions that simply can’t be answered until the season (or Chip Kelly) is ready (quarterback controversy, anyone?). But even when its slow, there is still, thankfully, Eagles news. Hurrah!

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Washington Redskins v. Philadelphia Eagles: Birds relishing the role of spoiler?


A lot has changed since the Philadelphia Eagles and Washington Redskins first met in Week 11. That game was Nick Foles’ first career start in that NFL. Both teams were 3-6.

But that’s where the fortunes of the teams took divergent paths. Continue reading ‘Washington Redskins v. Philadelphia Eagles: Birds relishing the role of spoiler?’

Morning Muse: NFC East up for grabs, unless you’re the Philadephia Eagles


Good morning, Eagles fans!

Part of your weekend was likely watching the NFC East teams still in the hunt–i.e. every team that is not the Philadelphia Eagles. With Dallas and the Redskins getting wins on Sunday and the Giants apparently thinking they had another bye week, things are getting really interesting in the fight for the top. The big story from the division is that, even though Kirk Cousins stood in for RG3, the Redskins won and are currently in the first place. – philly.com

It’s hard to find a bright spot to the squandered season of the Philadelphia Eagles. But thanks goodness the rookies–players like Nick Foles, Fletcher Cox and Bryce Brown–are keeping things interesting into the final games of the year. – Birds 24/7

The time to analyze when, exactly, the wheels feel off of Andy Reild’s train has come. Bob Ford argues that Vick’s likely ending on the Eagles is an apt analogy for many of Reid’s failed experiments. – Inquirer

And speaking of the final days of Reid, who will follow Andy? What about Nick Saban? – Birds 24/7

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Total turnover meltdown by the Philadelphia Eagles


Oh, Philadelphia Eagles fans. We didn’t even get a week to enjoy a win. We endure more than two winless months,  and then the victory that finally breaks the skid lasts for a mere four days.


The final Thursday night game of the NFL season saw a strong performance from the Eagles defense that was wasted by carelessness in the other phases of the game. Specifically, the Birds made five turnovers that the Bengals turned into 31 points on the scoreboard, with Philadelphia wasting away a 13-10 lead it took into halftime to lose the game 34-13.

Sadly, Jeremy Maclin’s fumble in the second play of the game should have told us how the story would ultimately end. Kansas City led the league in turnovers at the start of the game but no more. The title now solely belongs to the Eagles, who have committed 34 this season. Continue reading ‘Total turnover meltdown by the Philadelphia Eagles’

Nick Foles and the return of hope to the Philadelphia Eagles


Image via NESN/gifulmination.com

It’s a sad state of affairs when simply getting a win becomes the goal of a football team. Not multiple. Just one. But that’s where the Philadelphia Eagles found themselves on a sunny Sunday afternoon in Tampa to face the Buccaneers.

Just stop the bleeding of over two months of not winning a single game. After losing eight straight losses, the feeling of winning had nearly been forgotten. But how quickly and gleefully it returned, with rookie quarterback Nick Foles leading two successful drives to bring victory to the Birds. Continue reading ‘Nick Foles and the return of hope to the Philadelphia Eagles’