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Rookies to revel in tonight’s Philadelphia Eagles preseason game against the Chicago Bears


Image via PhiladelphiaEagles.com

It all starts tonight. Philadelphia Eagles football, at Chicago’s Soldier Field against the Bears. The start of the preseason separates the rabid football faithful from the more faint at heart. If you get excited about Eagles preseason football, then tonight brings the most exciting start to a weekend in many, many months.

Sure, the game doesn’t mean anything about the 2014 regular season. It doesn’t tell us how the Eagles will finish in the NFC East. But it’s something. We won’t see them for long, but Chip Kelly tells us that we’ll see the starters for about 10-15 snaps. Better than nothing, but close to it. What we will get to see is the Birds’ rookies in NFL game action for the very first team. Now that’s something to look forward to. Continue reading ‘Rookies to revel in tonight’s Philadelphia Eagles preseason game against the Chicago Bears’

Philadelphia Eagles interview Brian Kelly and Lovie Smith; any closer to naming a head coach?


Notre Dame head coach Brian Kelly. Image via unhd.com

The Philadelphia Eagles are nearing the end of their second week of the search for a new head coach, and the landscape seems more muddled now than ever before.

This week’s surprising revelation is the news that the Birds interviewed Notre Coach Brian Kelly. Is anyone else surprised at how much interest Philadelphia has demonstrated in college coaches with no previous NFL experience? Particularly those having the last name Kelly? Continue reading ‘Philadelphia Eagles interview Brian Kelly and Lovie Smith; any closer to naming a head coach?’

Philadelphia Eagles look to Lovie Smith as head coach search continues


Lovie Smith, the next head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles? Image via Lehigh Valley Live

It’s only been a little over a week since the Philadelphia Eagles parted ways with Andy Reid, but somehow it feels much longer. Perhaps the fact that Reid was signed, sealed and delivered to Kansas City within the same week he found himself out on the street in Philly provided a somewhat unrealistic measure of comparison. After all, of seven head coaching vacancies in the NFL, only two have been filled.

The Birds’ coaching search took a surprising turn on Tuesday when it was announced that they will interview former Chicago Bears head coach Lovie Smith on Thursday. Continue reading ‘Philadelphia Eagles look to Lovie Smith as head coach search continues’

The Sad Saga That Is The End of Donovan McNabb’s Career


Donovan has a sad. Image via ESPN Dallas/Fort Worth

The sad saga that is the ending of Donovan McNabb’s career in the NFL still hasn’t ended.

I’ve said it before many times on this site, and I’ll say it again: I adore D. McNabb. So seeing what has happened to him following his time in Philadelphia has been tough. I thought his benching in Washington, behind Rex Grossman and John Beck, was the low point. I had high hopes for his time in Minnesota. Okay, well–just hopes. I thought he could do a solid job as quarterback, nothing too fancy, and that the team could have a decent chance to compete with a healthy Adrian Peterson.

As it turns out, things didn’t happen that way. At all. And it turned out that there was another low for McFive’s time in the league–being benched for rookie Christian Ponder. I gotta tell ya, that one hurt. Really hurt. The the Vikings knew that Ponder would be their future, and they wanted to give him the opportunity to gain experience. Continue reading ‘The Sad Saga That Is The End of Donovan McNabb’s Career’

Eagles Tweet of the Week: Watch ‘Til The End, Sam Hurd


There I was on Thursday morning, scrolling through Eagles player tweets from the past week and thinking that the team really needed to step things up in terms of their Twitter game if I was to have anything to post.

And then, news of epic stupidity on the part of a fellow NFL player broke, and witty Twitter commentary ensued. Philly Sports Muse was saved.

Chicago Bears wide receiver Sam Hurd was arrested in Chicago on charges of intent to buy cocaine with intent to sell.  In fact, it seems that Hurd was well on his way to starting a drug distribution ring. Unfortunately, his purchase of a kilo of cocaine and a pound of marijuana was from an undercover police office.


A coveted career as a professional athlete wasn’t enough for Hurd, evidently. Well, it’s all about to fall apart. If he was going to go down this road, Hurd should have thought his idea through a little more and done some background research.

Like watching a few movies about drug dealers through to the end of the film to see how all attempts at drug dealing seem end: By being caught.

For this wisdom and hilarity, OG Evan Mathis gets the Eagles Tweet of the Week honors by a landslide. Hell, it may even be the tweet of the month. Good work, Evan.

"Cocaine is a hell of a drug." - Rick James

Happy Friday everyone, and Let’s Go Eagles!

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