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Philadelphia Eagles say farewell to veterans on defense with release of Cullen Jenkins and Mike Patterson


Mike Patterson

The Philadelphia Eagles are on the hunt for younger and cheaper talented, as evidenced by the release of two of the team’s veteran defense tackles on Monday.

Mike Patterson and Cullen Jenkins were both informed that there tenure with the Birds had ended. Patterson has been with Philadelphia since he was drafted by the team in 2005 out of USC. The 29-year-old played in 115 games (99 starts) a and racked up 551 tackles, 16.5 sacks, four forced fumbles and seven fumble recoveries over his eight seasons with the team. Jenkins joined the team in the now infamous free agent signing spree during the summer of 2011. Continue reading ‘Philadelphia Eagles say farewell to veterans on defense with release of Cullen Jenkins and Mike Patterson’

Total turnover meltdown by the Philadelphia Eagles


Oh, Philadelphia Eagles fans. We didn’t even get a week to enjoy a win. We endure more than two winless months,  and then the victory that finally breaks the skid lasts for a mere four days.


The final Thursday night game of the NFL season saw a strong performance from the Eagles defense that was wasted by carelessness in the other phases of the game. Specifically, the Birds made five turnovers that the Bengals turned into 31 points on the scoreboard, with Philadelphia wasting away a 13-10 lead it took into halftime to lose the game 34-13.

Sadly, Jeremy Maclin’s fumble in the second play of the game should have told us how the story would ultimately end. Kansas City led the league in turnovers at the start of the game but no more. The title now solely belongs to the Eagles, who have committed 34 this season. Continue reading ‘Total turnover meltdown by the Philadelphia Eagles’

Nick Foles and the return of hope to the Philadelphia Eagles


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It’s a sad state of affairs when simply getting a win becomes the goal of a football team. Not multiple. Just one. But that’s where the Philadelphia Eagles found themselves on a sunny Sunday afternoon in Tampa to face the Buccaneers.

Just stop the bleeding of over two months of not winning a single game. After losing eight straight losses, the feeling of winning had nearly been forgotten. But how quickly and gleefully it returned, with rookie quarterback Nick Foles leading two successful drives to bring victory to the Birds. Continue reading ‘Nick Foles and the return of hope to the Philadelphia Eagles’

Inside the players-only meeting: Will it save the Philadelphia Eagles?

Mike Vick, Jason Babin

On three! Image via sportsphotographymashup.co

With each loss, the issues grew more pressing for the Philadelphia Eagles: where was the leadership?

In the first loss following a bye week in the Andy Reid era, the team accomplished the appalling feat of getting worse instead of better.

Where was the leadership? Players hung their heads in shame and vacated the locker room quickly. But there was a strange detachment to the third consecutive loss on the part of Eagles players, it seemed.

LeSean McCoy came out and said what every fan and casual observer alike was thinking. Continue reading ‘Inside the players-only meeting: Will it save the Philadelphia Eagles?’

Why benching Mike Vick won’t fix the Philadelphia Eagles


Everyone must stand alone.

For anyone who watched the Philadelphia Eagles’ third straight loss on Sunday against the Atlanta Falcons,  it was clear that the game was lost overwhelmingly because of the pitiful showing by the team’s defense.

However, on Monday, the headlines surrounding the game were dominated by talk of benching quarterback Mike Vick.

The Eagles’ offense was certainly not stellar in the game, as has been the case all season. They played it safe, and that paid off in terms of having no turnovers. Vick’s numbers for the day, in the wind and rain that signaled the start of Hurricane Sandy, were 21 out of 35 passes for 191 passing and 42 rushing yards.

Nothing tremendous, but—pardon the pun—passable. Continue reading ‘Why benching Mike Vick won’t fix the Philadelphia Eagles’