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Showdown in Dallas: Eagles v. Cowboys Preview


In a matter of hours, we’ll know if the Eagles playoff hopes are still alive.

You know the scenario all too well by now: The Jets MUST defeat the Giants at 1 pm on Saturday, and the Birds MUST defeat Dallas at 4:15. If those things happen, the final week of the season will determine who wins the NFC East and proceeds to the playoffs.

Many have said that the Eagles will know by kick off if the matchup with the Cowboys “means” anything. I am here to tell you that, regardless of what happens in the Jets-Giants game, an Eagles-Cowboys battle always means something. It’s the fiercest of divisional rivalries, and Philadelphia always plays to beat–nay, to humiliate–Dallas.

The Birds handed the Cowboys a resounding 34-7 defeat in their first meeting of the season. But that was then. The Eagles playoff hopes  and drive to avoid a losing season are what matter now.

The Eagles squad that has shown up the past two weeks–the improved play by Vick, the always amazing running plays of LeSean McCoy, and the efficient and effect defense– must appear once again in Dallas.

The Cowboys biggest threats? The Eagles D must contain the many weapons of the Cowboys on offense. Philadelphia gets a break (hopefully) with minimizing Dallas’ running game with RB DeMarco Murray being out and Felix Jones having hamstring issues. Tony Romo has only thrown 2 picks in the past 7 games, and he’s got Dez Bryant, and Jason Witten, and Miles Austin…

On Dallas’ defense, the Eagles offensive line has to handle DeMarcus Ware, who has 16 sacks so far this season.

Asante Samuel (hamstring) is out for the Birds so Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie needs to step up his game for the Eagles’ secondary.  DT Trevor Laws is questionable (knee).

While the Eagles will need some help from one Ryan brother (Rex) to defeat the other (Rob), the Cowboys control their fate in the NFC East. This is going to be an intense, hard fought, and close game. Regardless of what happens with the Eagles playoff hopes, let’s make things harder for the Cowboys by handing them a defeat on Christmas Eve.

It’s all any Eagles fan wants for Christmas.

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Eagles Whip Cowboys 34-7



It's LeSean's world. We just live in it. Photo courtesy of the Philadelphia Eagles.

To put it simply, Sunday night’s game against the Dallas Cowboys was glorious. It is a glimpse of the Eagles squad we all expected to see this season.

It was an end to the Eagles 5-game home losing streak and more importantly, the start of what looks to be something very special for Philadelphia if they can keep up what they put on display in Sunday Night Football. And there is every reason to believe that they can.

Head coach Andy Reid is now an astounding 13-0 after the bye. In one game, the Birds went from last to 2nd place in the Division. It’s a 3 way tie, but we’ll take it. It won’t be that way for long.

In one night, the Eagles went from being an amusement around the league based on their disappointing to being a real threat. You had better believe that the other teams in the NFC East are worried about facing the Eagles team that showed itself to the world last night. And they should be.

Demarco who? Witten–where? Continue reading ‘Eagles Whip Cowboys 34-7’

Cowboys at Eagles Preview: History Is On Philadelphia’s Side



Best. Image. Ever. Courtesy of Bleeding Eagle Green.


The Eagles have history on their side going into this week’s Sunday Night Football game. Coach Andy Reid is 12-0 coming after the bye during his tenure in Philadelphia. Seeing as this is Cowboys week, a home game, and a crucial opportunity to gain in the NFC East, to call this game a must-win is no exaggeration.

As if the hatred between both teams doesn’t add enough intrigue to this game,  consider this. The 2 – 4 Eagles are the #1 rushing team in the league, while 3 -3 Dallas is first in rush defense. This is going to be a battle.

What the Birds must do: Continue reading ‘Cowboys at Eagles Preview: History Is On Philadelphia’s Side’

Philadelphia Eagles: How Are They Looking Now?


This Sunday, the Eagles face their biggest NFC East rival, the Dallas Cowboys. Sure, Philadelphia fans cannot stand Washington. They deplore the Giants. But nothing compares to the venom we feel towards the Cowboys.

Which is why having the Eagles must beat that wretched team.

The Birds are coming off a win and some rest, but we can’t ignore their overall record of 2-4. It’s not good, and it’s dead last in the NFC East standings. There are still significant problems that the team must overcome in order to turn things around for the remainder of the season. How are they stacking up so far?

The offense is the undoubted bright spot for the team–when they don’t make silly mistakes like fumble the ball or throw it to a player on the opposing team. In fact, the Eagles are ranked 3rd in the league in total offense, with an average of 441.7 yards per game. But yet…look at that record. Philadelphia has consistently defeated itself on offense this season.The Cowboys are 6th in the league in total offense, averaging 397 yards/game.

Another bright spot for the offense: The Eagles are currently 1st in the NFL in rushing yards, with 17o yards per game. So let’s think about it: We have LeSean McCoy to run the ball. The likes of Jason Avant, Jeremy Maclin, and LeSean McCoy to catch the ball. If the boys can really address the basics, like ball =security, these total offense and rushing numbers can translate to wins. Continue reading ‘Philadelphia Eagles: How Are They Looking Now?’