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The Ron Jaworski Interview: Why Chip Kelly will be a success in the NFL and why the Philadelphia Eagles need Mike Vick


Former Philadelphia Eagles quarterback and ESPN NFL analyst Ron Jaworski is a man who needs no introduction in the City of Philadelphia. But alas, I’ll give it a try.

Jaws, as he is otherwise known, remains one of the most popular sports figures in Philly sports history.  His place in Eagles lore was solidified when he took the 1980 team to Super Bowl XV and was named NFL MVP that year. He remains active in the area’s sports scene as president and part-owner of the Philadelphia Soul.

Jaworski is a popular fixture on ESPN due to his analysis and insights revealed through hours of film study as well as his affable personality, all of which contributed to Jaws’ role as a commentator on Monday Night Football for five seasons.

Jaws joined me as well as Roy Burton and Kris Domingo of the Broad Street Line podcast to talk Eagles quarterbacks, Chip Kelly, his famous nickname and its connection with the Philadelphia Sixers and an exciting announcement about the Philadelphia Soul. You’ll also find out the new project that has Jaws feeling like a 31-year old again. Continue reading ‘The Ron Jaworski Interview: Why Chip Kelly will be a success in the NFL and why the Philadelphia Eagles need Mike Vick’

How popular are the Philadelphia Eagles?


The popularity of the Philadelphia Eagles locally is off the charts. But how does the team’s following compare with those of other teams in the National Football League?

via espn.com

ESPN’s Sports Poll of fans’ favorite teams  finds that the Eagles are the 9th most popular team in the country. But the passion commitment and of Philadelphia’s fanbase and string of playoff appearances in the past decade have secured the Eagles popularity around the country. Just imagine what a Super Bowl win could do…

The poll reveals that the NFC East is the most popular division in the league, with three of the four teams featured in the top ten of the list (I’ll let you guess which one didn’t make the top ten).

The top team in the country  is the so-called “America’s Team,”, the Dallas Cowboys, who 8.8% of  fans polled identified as their favorite team. Next came the New York Giants at number two, with 7.1% of responses. The Eagles came in at number nine at 3.9%.

Other teams ahead of the Birds include the Packers, Steelers, Patriots, Bears, Saints and 49ers. Several of the teams featured at the top of the list have enjoyed recent success in the form of Lombardi trophies.

The Washington Redskins did not make it in the top ten of the list but still were in the top half of most popular teams in the league, coming in at number thirteen (2.4% of votes).

The least popular team in the league? The Jacksonville Jaguars. Not surprising given that it is such young franchise but nonetheless, my apologies, Mr. Gabbert.

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Ron Jaworski to Interview Eagles QB Mike Vick In New Version of Gruden’s Quarterback Camp


Image via Yahoo! Sports

A few weeks ago, we discovered that Ron Jaworksi would no longer be part of ESPN’s Monday Football Lineup. Instead, Jon Gruden and Mike Tirico will man the MNF booth as a duo.

While the news initially seemed to be a smack in the face to Jaws, he was given a 5-year contract extension by the sports network. And now we have some idea of what some of his new responsibilities will be with ESPN.

In an interview with the Courier-Post, Jaworkski revealed some of what ESPN has in mind for him moving forward, saying that “It is all based rather than one game a week, but 16 games a week.”

He will work on shows like NFL Countdown as well as a Monday Night Football preview. And most interestingly, he’ll do a version of Gruden’s quarterback camp, but with current players in the NFL. Continue reading ‘Ron Jaworski to Interview Eagles QB Mike Vick In New Version of Gruden’s Quarterback Camp’

Evan Mathis On Twitter: “I’m Just Trying To Interact And Entertain”

For better or for worse, social media, particularly Twitter, has changed the way that sports news is reported, disseminated, and even created.

This weekend alone featured three major stories relating to sports figures and Twitter: Colts owner Jim Irsay’s Twitter feud with ESPN’s Adam Schefter;
Lions CB Aaron Barry’s confrontational tweets to fans after Detroit’s loss to New Orleans; and Dallas Mavericks’  Delonte West’s perplexing Twitter meltdown.

When used correctly, social media can be a tremendous asset for teams and players to express themselves and deepen loyalty from their fanbase. Unfortunately, cases of heartwarming Twitter sports tales don’t tend to make headlines.

Though many Eagles fans have taken it as an insult, the uproar that emerged from OG Evan Mathis’ tweet calling those who wanted Andy Reid ousted idiots shows something about Mathis that is very clear in reading his Twitter timeline: He enjoys interacting via social media, whether it be exchanging pleasantries or taking on angry fans.

Mathis’ approach to social media is unique among professional athletes. Philly Sports Muse spoke exclusively to Mathis about his use of Twitter, his fan engagement philosophy, his love of Words with Friends, and whether teams should limit the social media usage of their players. Continue reading ‘Evan Mathis On Twitter: “I’m Just Trying To Interact And Entertain”’

Eagles Tweet of the Week: Body Issue


We’ve made it to another Friday, Eagles fans! Today just so happens to be an extra special Friday, as it is the day of birth of a certain writer of this post. Don’t worry–you can get me a present later. I celebrate all month.

The best birthday presents for me this year come in the form of outcomes of sporting events. I already got a nice pre-birthday gift from the city of Detroit, called the elimination of the New York Yankees from the MLB playoffs by the Detroit Tigers. Woot!

The Phillies defeating the Cardinals tonight is a birthday must. And, though it’s not on the actual day, a present in the form of a win from the Eagles on Sunday would do a lot to just make me overall feel a lot better about the state of the team.

If these outcomes do not occur, then I will take it personally. And we don’t want that, do we?

Moving on to the Eagles Tweet of the Week. Jason Kelce has quickly proven that he is one of the Eagles top talents, both on and off the field. Most importantly, on Twitter. He’s funny. He’s ironic. He’s witty. This week, he came up with this:


That’s right, ESPN revealed photos of this year’s Body Issue and they included nary an Eagle. Oh well–Kelce has put them on notice. Surely next year will be his year.

For updates on how the Phils do tonight, be sure to check Philies site View from Section 116.

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