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Philadelphia Eagles offense prepares to address concerns in Week 2


The Philadelphia Eagles face the Baltimore Ravens in their home opener on Sunday.  The usual feeling of excitement leading up to game day surrounds the team, as do a number of questions.

Is there reason to worry about Mike Vick or is what we witnessed in Week 1 against the Cleveland Browns a fluke? Can the Eagles offense eliminate the errors and turn on their high-octane weapons in order to beat an exceptional Baltimore defense? How will Philadelphia’s D perform against a Ravens offense fresh off of a strong Monday night performance against the Bengals, featuring the likes of one of the best running backs in the league in Ray Rice and quarterbacks in Joe Flacco? Continue reading ‘Philadelphia Eagles offense prepares to address concerns in Week 2’

Evan Mathis Talks to Philly Sports Muse: “I’m A Fierce Competitor”


Evan Mathis

You may not see eye-to-eye with Eagles LG Evan Mathis on the effectiveness of Andy Reid as the Eagles’ head coach, but regardless of your feelings his success with Howard Mudd and the Eagles offensive line in 2011 cannot be denied or overlooked.

In case you missed it, Mathis proved to be the most powerful man in Philadelphia social media on Tuesday, as a singular tweet led to almost immediate radio and TV interviews with 97.5 The Fanatic and on Daily News Live regarding this tweet, which he posted in the midst of Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie’s press conference:

‘Twas the post heard around the Philadelphia Twitterverse. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and Mathis did not back away from or try to hide the controversial tweet, instead embracing opportunities presented to clarify his comments in more than 140 characters. That has to be worth something. And seriously? It was one tweet.

Evan Mathis is a unique presence on Twitter. He is witty, eloquent, irreverent, and clearly, sometimes controversial. We discuss his use of Twitter in the second part of our conversation. Today, however, we talk about what matters most to him as a player and to us as fans: Football.

Mathis, a self-described journeyman, was signed to the Eagles as a free agent this summer after two seasons in Cincinnati (prior to that he was in Miami and was drafted to Carolina in 2005). He brought important veteran experience to an offensive line that featured two rookies, center Jason Kelce and RG Danny Watkins, who were even more green than usual due to last year’s lockout. The o-line was one of the greatest areas of concern at the start of the season but found its rhythm in the latter half, being an integral part of LeSean McCoy’s record-breaking season.

Mathis’ success on the field with the Eagles in 2011 has garnered him notice. Pro Football Focus rated him as the top OG in the league for the season.

Evan Mathis spoke exclusively to Philly Sports Muse about his arrival in Philadelphia, the gelling of the Eagles offensive line, the fiercest defensive linemen in the National Football League and why working with Howard Mudd has him playing the best football of his career. Continue reading ‘Evan Mathis Talks to Philly Sports Muse: “I’m A Fierce Competitor”’