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Morning Muse: Philadelphia Eagles v. Houston Texans gameday reading


How will the Philadelphia Eagles come back from last week’s heartbreak in the desert? The team once again is on the road, facing a 4-4 Houston Texans whose defense could present some notable challenges to the Birds’ struggling offense. With the threat of the Dallas Cowboys looming large in the NFC East, it’s an important game for Philadelphia as they enter the all-important second half of the season. Continue reading ‘Morning Muse: Philadelphia Eagles v. Houston Texans gameday reading’

Morning Muse: Todd Herremans will attempt to keep playing with torn biceps


Morning Muse MugWhile the Philadelphia Eagles’ record is still an impressive 5-2, Sunday’s heartbreaking loss to the Arizona Cardinals put a damper on the feelings that this team is unstoppable, even with its significant flaws. So the good news about sidelined players slowly returning to the fold is very welcome, as Philadelphia prepares to take on the Houston Texans on the road this week. Continue reading ‘Morning Muse: Todd Herremans will attempt to keep playing with torn biceps’

Philadelphia Eagles DE Jason Babin named one of best bargains in the NFL


Not every new player signed by the Philadelphia Eagles last season was a bust or took a long time to acclimate to the team. DE Jason Babin had the benefit of having worked with defensive line coach Jim Washburn previously. And that experience helped him have the best season of his NFL career.

Babin recorded 18 sacks in 2011. In 2010 he had 12.5 with the Tennessee Titans, and prior to that, his best season was in 2006, when he had 5 sacks with the Houston Texans.

While the Eagles defense struggled mightly at the start of the season, Babin was ready from the word “go.” He produced in the team’s Wide 9 scheme, racking up sacks like it was… okay, well, it was his job. Babin was recognized by his peers throughout the league for his production by being named as the 44th best player in the NFL this year. Continue reading ‘Philadelphia Eagles DE Jason Babin named one of best bargains in the NFL’

Reasons the Philadelphia Eagles defense will excel in 2012: DeMeco Ryans


DeMeco Ryans has arrived. Image via GCobb.com

The Philadelphia Eagles made a number of moves this offseason that point to a strengthened defense in 2012. The glaring weaknesses on that side of the ball in 2011 simply could not be ignored. What matters most is what happens on the field come September and throughout the season, but the Eagles have been smart in ensuring that they have the best pieces lined up to compete.  This week, Philly Sports Muse looks at some the moves  that will have the greatest impact on the defensive side of the ball.

Saying the word “linebacker” for the past several years to any Eagles fan was enough to elicit a groan. Somehow, there seemed to be an inverse relationship between the value placed on the position by Eagles front office and its fans. The inexplicable determination of the Birds in  starting rookie Casey Matthews at middle linebacker last year was perhaps the beginning of the end of that mismatch in perception.

Even after Matthews was relieved of his starting role, the inability of the linebackers to do anything to confront opposing teams for much of the season was scene replayed constantly last season. They just couldn’t stop the run. It was an ugly, glaring weakness.

If any good came from the debacle, it was that the Eagles front office had to cede its position. Alright, alright. The linebackers are important after all. Continue reading ‘Reasons the Philadelphia Eagles defense will excel in 2012: DeMeco Ryans’

Jeff Garcia would pay to return to the Eagles


Image via philly.com

Former Philadelphia Eagles backup quarterback Jeff Garcia dreams of a return to the Birds.

Garcia served as backup quarterback for the Eagles in 2006,  stepping in for an injured Donovan McNabb and making an improbable run to win the division with a 10-6 record, beating the Giants in the first round of the playoffs before eventually losing to the Saints. Now at 42-years old, Garcia’s memories of that run, the city of Philadelphia and how Eagles fans embraced him have the quarterback wanting more. Continue reading ‘Jeff Garcia would pay to return to the Eagles’