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All eyes on Mark Sanchez as Philadelphia Eagles face Carolina Panthers


As with any game, there are many important aspects of the Philadelphia Eagles on which to focus this Monday night. But who are we kidding: Tonight’s game against the Carolina Panthers is all about Mark Sanchez.

Every step he takes, every move he makes, we’ll be watching him. Every throw. Every decision. Can Sanchez ably lead the Birds for the six to eight weeks that Nick Foles is expected to be out with a broken collarbone? If so, is he the quarterback on which we should hitch our trailers for an even longer stretch of time? If Sanchez can avoid the turnovers that became an all-too prevalent part of Foles’ performance this season and turn in a series of consistent performances, the answer could be yes. But those are big “ifs”. Sanchez has his own history of turning the ball over to overcome. Since entering the league in 2009, the former USC quarterback has thrown for more interceptions (71) than touchdowns (70) in his career. Continue reading ‘All eyes on Mark Sanchez as Philadelphia Eagles face Carolina Panthers’

Philadelphia Eagles: Chip Kelly testing players’ versatility


WR Jason Avant is happy to play wherever his team needs him. Image via Sports-Kings.com.

We’ve heard much about Chip Kelly’s energetic and efficient style of running Philadelphia Eagles practice: the loud music, the nonstop pace. But Kelly has more tricks up his sleeve and is having his offensive players try their hand on defense in practice. Continue reading ‘Philadelphia Eagles: Chip Kelly testing players’ versatility’

Nick Foles and the return of hope to the Philadelphia Eagles


Image via NESN/gifulmination.com

It’s a sad state of affairs when simply getting a win becomes the goal of a football team. Not multiple. Just one. But that’s where the Philadelphia Eagles found themselves on a sunny Sunday afternoon in Tampa to face the Buccaneers.

Just stop the bleeding of over two months of not winning a single game. After losing eight straight losses, the feeling of winning had nearly been forgotten. But how quickly and gleefully it returned, with rookie quarterback Nick Foles leading two successful drives to bring victory to the Birds. Continue reading ‘Nick Foles and the return of hope to the Philadelphia Eagles’

Inside the players-only meeting: Will it save the Philadelphia Eagles?

Mike Vick, Jason Babin

On three! Image via sportsphotographymashup.co

With each loss, the issues grew more pressing for the Philadelphia Eagles: where was the leadership?

In the first loss following a bye week in the Andy Reid era, the team accomplished the appalling feat of getting worse instead of better.

Where was the leadership? Players hung their heads in shame and vacated the locker room quickly. But there was a strange detachment to the third consecutive loss on the part of Eagles players, it seemed.

LeSean McCoy came out and said what every fan and casual observer alike was thinking. Continue reading ‘Inside the players-only meeting: Will it save the Philadelphia Eagles?’

Andy Reid’s promise to Philadelphia Eagles fans: ‘I’m going to get it right’


“I can understand their frustration, absolutely. I clearly understand that. I feel the frustration. I mean, I understand. I’ve got it. My job and responsibility is to get it better; not only for them but for this football team, to get it better. They have my word that I’m going to do that. I’m going to get it right.”

These were Andy Reid’s words on Monday when asked if he understood the frustration of Philadelphia Eagles fans. What sticks out most from his remarks is that last sentence — “I’m going to get it right.”

There is no doubt that Reid wants to do what he says. The question if he can do it. Continue reading ‘Andy Reid’s promise to Philadelphia Eagles fans: ‘I’m going to get it right’’